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November 12, 2019

Welcome to my newly improved blog. I collaborated with Blogerize to give my blog a digital makeover. I have been anxious to improve my website for some time now, so this collaboration came at a perfect time. I have wanted to improve my blog so that I can give my readers a more enjoyable platform to consume my content. Working with the Blogerize team made this possible. 

One reason I have strayed away from moving my blog to a self hosting site was being completely clueless. I didn’t want to start a whole new blog and lose my subscribers, loose all of my blog posts or images etc. With the help from the Blogerize team they handled the transition, moving my content to my new platform seemingless. I emailed them back and forth with my ideas. I loved hearing their thoughts,  seeing their designs and watching our ideas unfold together. I have a new logo designed for the newly improved website that I feel is more suited going forward with Below is what my blog looked like before the digital makeover.


I enjoy creating content, I started my blog as a hobby, as an escapism – a little piece of the internet for me to write, to share my thoughts and opinions. Back when I used to publish 3+ times a week,  I wrote solely for the love of it. It’s no shock it has become a lot quieter around here, in the past year my love for publishing content had dwindled. This had a lot to do with my site. As blogging became more and more popular in Ireland, the pressure to have a flawless magazine layout and Images became the norm in the blogging community. It began to take from the rawness that once thrust blogging into the limelight and I felt my blog couldn’t compete.


What you can expect from BigBrowsMessyHair?

My website was perfect for me when I first began writing but now I didnt feel my site represented who I was anymore. The pressure to adhere to a more professional looking blog had gotten the better of me and I felt deflated. I have grown, matured and my lifeΒ has changed dramatically since beginning my blog in 2015 and I wanted a website that represented who I was now.

Moving forward with my blog I will be publishing content more regularly again and getting back to simply blogging for the love of writing. I know how we consume and digest content has changed and I want my blog to move with the times. I want (BigBrowsMessyHair) to be a one stop platform for all things Beauty, Fashion, Press Releases and lifestyle related content.

I know a lot of Bloggers\ Influncers have started to favour social media to share their content but as Social media has shown us time and time again, we have absolutely zero control over our own social media pages. Between algorithms and hiding the likes count ( which I am in favour of) it just shows us that it doesn’t matter how much time and planning you put into your social media pages – you don’t own it and you will never have complete control over it – but your own website you do!  If tomorrow you woke up and Instagram or Facebook had been deleted where has all of your content gone? For me this is the reason I value the importance of building a website that I am proud of. I love that I am in control of exactly what content I want to share with my readers and how.

To rebrand or not to rebrand?

It is quite common amongst the Irish Blogging community to rebrand your blog as you get older and to simply name your blog usually by your First name – and although I do love the sophistication of it, I wasn’t quite ready to step away from my alter ego just yet. When the team at Blogerize were desiging my dream website I did think, if I want to rebrand I should do it now. I read alot of American Blogs as I love how fun and colourful their blogs are. They mostly tend to have a quirky blog name that is unique to them. So I decided to keep BigBrowsMessyHair after all.

Where did I get the name BigBrowsMessyHair for my blog? Is a question I get asked the most.  When I was naming my blog I was worried if I called it something like (Jade’s blog) etc that it might be hard to stand out  amongst the copious amounts of
blogs nationwide.  I wanted to pick a name that when people heard it, they would remember it or maybe even make them laugh. I wanted people to see it on their feed when scrolling and for it to catch their eye enough for them to think ‘ whats this page about’?? My daily mantra has always been “I will just do a little makeup, sort my brows and throw my hair up. I used to laugh that I spent more time on my brows than doing my hair; And hence the name of my blog ‘Big Brows Messy hair’ was created ❀ “There is a method to my madness”

While the Team at Blogerize have been busy giving a much needed digital makeover; I have been busy creating fresh new content that I hope you will enjoy. I really hope you enjoy my new design just as much as I do.

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