Masks you should be wearing this Halloween

October 7, 2019

New launches and old favourites from Payot, Uriage, Phyto, Novexpert and Lierac

If you have scary skin, horror hair or freaky feet pick up one of these handy masks this Halloween. Take care of these beastly beauty problems in minutes with one of the masks below!

PAYOT Hangover Morning Mask – RRP €6.95


The dreaded morning-after the night before… sometimes we need a helping hand in ridding our skin of impurities and returning its glow and shine; enter PAYOT Hangover Morning Mask! This detox mask with Goji berry extract is super rich in Vitamin C, providing your skin with the shot of energy it needs to revive. With delicious fresh and fruity notes of peach, white musk and melon, this fabric mask is sure to provide your skin with a helpful boost of energy and leave you looking healthy and ready for the day ahead!

This 100% natural fabric mask take just 15 minutes to deliver all of the benefits of the products active ingredients and leave the skin comfortable, beautiful and fresh. Enriched with 19ml of product, the tightly woven fabric envelops the face and stops the product from evaporating. With plant and tangy fruit extracts, PAYOT Morning Masks are the quick, useful and affordable solution to problematic morning skin.

Apivita Pumpkin Detox Face Mask – RRP €4.95


Apivita, The Brand of The Bees, have created this Pumpkin Detox Face Mask to revive your skin this Halloween.

With pumpkin enzymes and lemon and ginger essential oils, both cultivated organically, the Pumpkin Detox Face Mask wipes away environmental impurities and dead cells. White clay absorbs excess sebum on the skin thus making pores less visible leading to a clearer and more radiant complexion. This mask helps keep your skin soft and moisturised thanks to pumpkin seed oil, shea butter, Greek thyme, honey and hyaluronic acid.

Uriage Eau Thermale Water Sleeping Mask 50ml – RRP €19

Uriage Eau Thermale Water Sleeping Mask is a unique night care ideal for the moisturizing of the dehydrated skins. This mask is enriched with the Thermal Water of Uriage, which helps to reconstruct the cutaneous barrier to maintain an optimal moisturizing level for your skin. It also contains anti-oxidant Edelweiss extract that leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh and radiant. 

Apply a fine layer every evening on a cleansed face. Leave on for the night, which allows this mask to infuse its active ingredients overnight for a fresh and rested skin in the morning. Rinse off in the morning with Uriage Thermal Micellar Water or spray the Uriage Thermal Water to prolong the moisturizing effect for your skin. Your skin is left feeling relaxed, moisturized, supple and soft, with a smoothed texture.

Novexpert Repulp Mask – RRP €33

The Repulp Mask instantly restores comfort giving baby soft skin in 10 minutes and can be used to complement the Repulp Cream. Repulp Mask re-plumps rehydrates and regenerates deeply to soothe, restore, repair and repulp your skin.

Novexpert Hyaluronic Acid Repulp Mask is a moisturizing and nourishing, enhancing elasticity and smoothing mask of the face and neck. The mask is especially suitable for thin, gaunt and tired skin. An ultra-high concentration of two pure hyaluronic acids give an instant replump effect with immediate “lipo-filling” action.

This is the essential protection for stressed skin: subject to cold, sun, pollution, dryness, etc. A truly amazing skincare that restores comfort to the skin, providing immediate skin nutrition.

Phytojoba Moisturising Mask – RRP €23

Phyto, the top botanical haircare brand celebrating 50 years, fully believe in treating your hair to a good hair mask. We also believe that just like everyone has different skincare needs, the same goes for haircare. All of our botanical formulas are created with varying hair types and needs. PHYTO’s family of hair masks each address different kinds of hair.

The Phytojoba Moisturizing Maskis a rich, unctuous mask especially designed for the deep hydration of dry and dull hair. Formulated with the naturally hydrating properties of Jojoba oil, which restores the hydrolipidic film and protects the hair from external aggressions, and Mauve extract, which forms a protective veil over the hair strand, this highly concentrated mask helps detangle the hair without adding weight. The hair emerges perfectly hydrated and easy to detangle, all the while maintaining its natural lightness and movement.

Lierac Premium Supreme Mask Absolute Anti-Aging 75ml – RRP €69

Lierac Premium Supreme Mask Absolute Anti-Aging 75ml with creamy texture is a care mask specially created to act against deep wrinkles, loss of density, skin sagging, complexion irregularities, marks, on pores and skin texture.

Inspired by the regenerating medicine, this mask is composed of hyaluronic acid (10%), the higher dosage of the range, for an intense and immediate replumping effect. The complexion is instantly sublimated thanks to the soft-focus micro-pigments. The Premium Cellular complex (4,5%)(hexapeptide FX, Terpenoïde, extracts of rare black flowers), acts on the signs of aging, to reveal the radiance and youth of the complexion.

Results after 4 weeks of use:
– wrinkles are less deep and less visible,
– the skin is replumped and denser,
– the complexion is radiant and marks are less visible,
– pores are tightened and the skin texture is finer.


Although we use our feet constantly, they are often ignored and left out of the beauty routine, leading to the appearance of corns and calluses. To remedy this, SVR has created Xérial Peel, an exfoliating sock mask for a new skin effect in a single application.

Highly concentrated in keratolytic and emollient active ingredients, it exfoliates and deeply moisturizes your feet. Its unique absorption technique targets only the rough and thickened areas of your feet, protecting the sensitive areas. Rapid and radical action for a new skin effect in less than two weeks!

PAYOT Water Power Morning Mask – RRP €6.95

Water is one of the most important components of our skin. Dehydrated skin can appear lifeless and dull, not the way any of us would like to start our day! To restore your skin’s radiance, try PAYOT Water Power Morning Mask. A best friend of thirsty skin, this fabric mask is enriches with bamboo extract to deeply moisturise and restore comfort to your skin. Delicate and aquatic notes of bergamot, white tea and musk provide a refreshing beginning to a new day.

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