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February 24, 2019

I have taken a new approach to Social Media in 2019; Less Scrolling – More Living. Being a Blogger I find myself intertwined with a love hate relationship with social Media. I sometimes hate how it makes me feel and yet I will continually return to it. I hate that I allow it to have control over me and my emotions. I wake up and my phone is the first thing I grab.  It is also the last thing in my hand before I go to sleep. It has really just become out of habit more than anything else. In 2019 I have decided that I will no longer allow myself to be controlled by Social Media or my device.

It is easy to be swallowed into the Social Media black hole; before you know it you have just wasted an hour mindlessly scrolling through your feed. Whether it is laughing at a meme, being upset by tweet (that’s not necessarily directed at you,) liking an outfit and ahem,, buying it and of course there is the dreaded comparing yourself to strangers on Instagram. It’s no wonder we are feeling utterly and completely mentally drained from Social Media. I say mindlessly scrolling because thats is exactly what is it. I am not looking for anything in particular I am just scrolling mindlessly……

This is why in 2019 I am trying to take a step back and look at social media differently. I am not quite ready to jump ship and completely abandoned Social Media altogether; although I can feel that time drawing closer and closer. I don’t broadcast every high and I dont hide every low. I’m trying to just simply live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have a life. I love photography and imagery and I hope to allow myself to become more creative with this hobbie 2019, but in the past I found myself ruining special  moments by trying to capture a perfect and unrealistic moment. I now treat taking photos much differently. It’s either two options.  Option A – Capture the real moment, the laughing shots, the raw image, the shot that will instantly bring me back to that memory. Rather than a posed or forced image. Or option B – For goodness sake just put the camera down and enjoy the moment for what it is, because that’s all it really is. A small moment that you will always be able to cherish.

“ Make sure you are happy in real life not just in Social Media”

4 Helpful way to do a Social Media Detox

  1. Turn off your data.

Turn off your data for each Social Media app that you have on your phone.

2. Put your phone away

Simply put your phone away in the other room. For example after 9.30 I am trying to stay away from all Social Media to avoid mindlessly scrolling.Instead I like to read a book, or write in my weekly planner or simply watch Netflix. Actually watch Netflix, not with one eye on my phone.

3.Make plans

Make plans to go for a coffee, dinner dates or simply going for a walk. Keep your phone in your pocket and resist the urge to post it on Social Media just live in the moment and enjoy the company.

4  Breathe and be mindful

Okay I know what you are thinking. “ Jade be mindful? it’s just a phone” but when I found myself having the urge to check my phone I would simply take a deep breath and be mindful of where I was, who I was with and what I was feeling.

I had to really ask myself why do I feel the need to share precious moments on Facebook and Instagram. Who is it really for? In 2019 I have really stepped back from my private Social Media accounts. I don’t check  into the different places I visit, I don’t post pictures and I am honestly happier for it. Regarding my Public pages connected to my Blog, yes I am still very much active on them. I have always said my Blog Social Media is a very small curated version of my life. I choose what to share and what not to share and thus letting me feel like I am protecting the bubble of positivity that really surrounds my life, my family, my job. My blog is a fun creative platform that allows me to share my fashion style and beauty trends that I am loving but my life in whole is so much more than just that. Being truly off line is the new luxury. Spending just one day away from social media can be one of the best things you can do for your mental health.

Being truly off line is the new luxury.

I do not want watch my Son through my phone screen trying to capture pictures of him playing I want to see his smiling face and cherish it.

I do not want to watch a concert through a screen trying to record it, I want to be there amongst the atmosphere whole heartedly enjoying the music. For 2019 make a conscious effort to put the damn phone down, enjoy your company, enjoy your surroundings and mostly enjoy life, because life is far too precious to be viewed through a cracked phone screen.

“We are living in an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.”

This piece featured in the American Blogger magazine pages 14 – 16 Moda Chic Magazine

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