20 things I wish I knew before I got braces.

October 14, 2018

Today’s blog post is 20 things I wish I knew before I got braces and I have answered some of the question I have been asked over on social media too. I am six months into my braces journey with My I think I may have experienced most symptoms that you would go threw on your braces journey. So I hope this blog post might be helpful if you are thinking of getting braces or just starting your braces journey.

  1. You will more than likely have a lisp for the first week until you get used to talking with your braces on.
  2. Make sure to bring lip balm to your appointment when you are getting your braces applied because your mouth will get so dry because your lips are being pulled and stretched in every direction.
  3. For the first two maybe three weeks your braces might feel quite big in your mouth. I often found myself trying to re position my lips when I talked. After a few weeks I became much more comfortable talking with the braces on.
  4. After you have had your braces tightened, your teeth will hurt for a few days after. Although I do have to admit to liking the tight feeling on my teeth
  5. Yes, you can still kiss with braces. It doesn’t change anything. That is just a myth.
  6. You may feel self conscious with braces for the first few months; but don’t worry nobody else really cares. So try not to worry, trust me your braces look fine, and it really isn’t that big of a deal.
  7. Flossing is really REALLY hard when you first get your braces on, hence why I purchased a water flosser. The water flosser really saved my gums in the first few months. Although now that my teeth have become much straighter I have begun using regular floss again.
  8. So much food gets stuck in your braces. EVERYWHERE!! Anytime you eat. I never expected it to happen as much, but it is pretty much every time I eat.
  9. People of all ages gets braces. Some people get braces pretty young as children, some are in their teens and some are adults, just like me. Dont ever feel it is too late to have your teeth fixed.
  10. After the first month of wearing s braces, you will begin to feel a lot more comfortable with them.
  11. Braces do tend to push your lips out and will give you the the appearance of having bigger and fuller lips. Which I kind of like.
  12. In the first month of wearing braces it is crazy how much of a improvement I saw so fast.
  13. I’m not sure if this is just me but I have a weird bond with other people that also have braces . It’s a weird connection that becomes a conversation starter. #teambrace
  14. You need wax!! Wax will be your holy grail. Especially for the few months while your mouth is getting used to the braces. Wax will help ease any discomfort from the brackets rubbing off the inside of your mouth. I kept them everywhere. In my handbag, gym bag, car, bedroom, bathroom, you get the picture.
  15. Time flies by. I have been wearing mine for six months now and it has gone so quickly. I know it can be hard, but try remember braces are only temporary. So enjoy the journey, document the change and most importantly keep good care of your teeth and braces. Braces can be expensive so appreciate that you have braces and that you are on your way to a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.
  16. Sometimes in your braces journey there might be set backs. You may have to do extra months but in the end it will be okay and all worth it.
  17. Your bite is just as important as having straight teeth.
  18. Braces dont change the shape of your teeth. They just straightened them.
  19. It does not matter what brackets you have. Whether you choose metal or clear they all do the same thing.
  20. You will be thankful you had braces and the pain will all be worth it. I can promise you that.

I am so excited for my results. My teeth have changed so much in just six months. My Orthodontist is a genius when it comes to shifting and moving my teeth to get the best results. This really has been the best decision ever! If you need any more information about braces or a price list check out My

Six months done now 18 Months to go!!

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