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June 20, 2018

Let me introduce you to Mama Smartz. In a nutshell this companies core aim is to keep kids safe around cars. When I come across a Parenting hack that actually works I want to shout it from the rooftops. Anything that can make our lives that little bit easier and a little less chaotic is a win win in my eyes.

I am beyond thrilled to show my support for such an amazing Irish company with a innovative idea.

How it works
Hands On Magnet aim is to help your child to stay still, safe and in sight around cars. Loading kids in and out of cars is a stressful challenge for parents. Once you unload one child, you have to leave their immediate side, to unload the next. This can send any parent into a panic, as they watch a child get distracted and wander away from the car. Even a few feet can be seriously dangerous when other cars are around.

For children with Autism or present with learning disabilities this can be an extremely difficult challenge parents are faced with. Dylan has a diagnoses of Autism and is also at high flight risk. That meaning, Dylan can bolt at any given time and can run away. Dylan does not understand the danger that cars or roads can cause. Before I used the β€˜Hands on Magnet’ taking Dylan in and out of the car usually became a juggling act. Closing car doors with my feet, became the normal.

Hands on magnet is a great visual for children to grasp and understand the concept behide the magnet. I love that it is quick and simple to use. I grab it from my handbag or glove compartment and place it on the car door while instructing Dylan by saying β€˜ Hands on.’ Dylan simply presses his hand against it until I am ready to take the him by the hand and safely away from the car.

Hands On Magnets are made from exterior grade magnet. They will simply attach to the car, and flip off easily after your child is safely with you. If properly used, Hands On Magnets will not damage the exterior of a car anyway.

Safety booklet designed for kids
These magnets come in two universal styles of green and purple. Your child can choose between a monster of their choice named Holly or Harry. The booklet comes with handy parking tips and a little poem to help your child remember what to do.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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