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June 4, 2018

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather we having at the moment. This is my second month into my braces journey with My Medical Clinic. I had a lot of dental work carried out in my last appointment so I wanted to update you on my progress so far.

Last week I had my bottom braces applied. I also had a tooth extraction and I needed occlusal bonding too, ( which is like a blue band cement) that is applied to my back molars to stop my top teeth from causing any damage to my bottom braces, as I have a deep bite. So as you can imagen last week was a tough one. Not only was I getting used to having the bottom braces on I also had a tooth removed and my bite adjusted. Last week was the hardest week for me so far in my braces journey but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

7 days have passed and the pain and uncomfortable feeling has faded substantially. I have one more β€˜big’ appointment left and that is the next one. I will be having two teeth removed before having my top braces tightened for the first time.

Why I needed to have a tooth removed?
Having teeth removed for orthodontic treatment is not uncommon especially if you have some overcrowding. In the before picture below you will see a tooth on my right hand side kinda jutting out doing its own thing – that is the tooth that I said au revoir too. Dr Andrea Teigell carried out the procedure. I was a little nervous I have to admit as I have not had many teeth pulled as an adult, but Dr Andrea was so friendly, she kept chatting to me and even had Ed Sheeran playing in the background and it helped to take my mind off the procedure. My mouth was numbed and the extraction took roughly 20 mins. Now that there has been space made in my mouth my teeth are been maneuvered into the correct alignment.

Bottom Braces
Applying the bottom braces was the very same as the top. It took roughly an hour and a half. You need to keep your mouth open the entire time the brackets are being applied. In my opinion the bottom braces have been a little harder to get used to than the top. One of the main struggles with braces for me, is food getting stuck EVERYWHERE in them. (I will be sharing my tips and tricks to keeping your braces clean in the coming weeks.)

What is Occlusal bonding?
Occlusal bonding is a blue band cement that has been applied to my back molars. It is used to prop open my mouth so that I don’t damage the bottom braces. It also allows me to be able to have the top and bottom braces on at the same time which will speed up my over all treatment. If I didn’t get the occlusal bonding I would have had to wait to get the braces on my bottom teeth. Which would have slowed my treatment down.

I am loving that I am already beginning to see results. Even the smallest of changes mean I am one more step closer to a straighter smile.

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