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April 23, 2018

I am officially an adult that wears braces!! I am 28 and beginning my journey to straighten my teeth with in their new Cherrywood clinic.

I had my upper braces applied last week and the bottom brace will be applied in three weeks. I hear what your saying why now? From looking at my cheesy grinning images on Instagram you may never have guessed that I am actually extremely self conscious about my teeth. I have been, for as long as I can remember. Most of my childhood – right through my teens I point blank refused to show my teeth when I smiled and instead awkwardly did a closed mouth, tight lipped moody looking smirk.

Fastword to my late teens early 20s and I stupidly thought I was too old to sport braces and instead I learned to work with what I had. ( but I actually loathed my smile.) As I didn’t like my teeth, dental hygiene has always been very important to me. As I had crooked teeth I concentrated on getting them white and sparkling! I would say I became an expert at disguising my teeth by making them look as polished as I could in photos – with how I angled my face and how I smiled. In reality I was still very anxious about meeting new people and talking. I was always trying to hide my teeth when I laughed or spoke. So much so I was just plain mumbling most of the time!

With my 30th birthday slowing approaching I began looking into finally sorting my teeth. I began researching online forums and blogs and kept popping up. They are the people behind some of Ireland’s most recognized and famous smiles. So you can only imagine my excitement when they wanted to collaborate with me. Being a mum I’ve always put my needs second. This has been a colossal insecurity of mine for so long and now it was finally time to to squash that insecurity that I had been carrying around with me all of this timeI am Laying it all on the table and showing you my BEFORE images. I would have usually never had the confidence to share my teeth from these angles, but as I am on the road to straighter teeth now, I cannot wait to share my smile transformation with you all.

It really is never too late to begin your journey to achieve your perfect smile.

From The beginning

Firstly I had my teeth professionally cleaned. My Dental made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. My teeth were left sparkling and feeling buffed and polish to every inch of my mouth. Nothing feels better than that extreme fresh feeling that you can only achieve from a professionally cleaning.
Next I had my X-ray carried out which took a full 360 degree picture of my mouth, jaw and teeth. I then had my consultation with Dr J. Cabrera which advised me on what type of braces I would need, to achieve my goal. Dr. J. Cabrera made the top and bottom impressions of my teeth. It was super quick and pain free. An orthodontic impression is taken with a tray that fits over your teeth and placed into your mouth for a few seconds. As I didn’t need any dental working carried out such as fillings etc I was good to go.

Top Brace

I had my top brace fitted which took roughly an hour and a half. It was not painful but a little uncomfortable as you need to keep your mouth open for the full time. My teeth were coated in a substance to prep my teeth for the brackets. A bracket is applied to each tooth individually and kept in place by a wire.

The days after

For me personally I have not been in too much pain. I have not needed to take any paracetamol as of yet. However I am still getting used to the feeling of the braces being on my teeth. I do feel a slight pressure on my teeth which made it hard to eat the first few days. I am also still getting used to speaking confidently with the braces on.


If you are getting braces on soon, here are some tips to do before you get your braces on:

  • Be sure to thoroughly brush your teeth and and floss in the lead up to your appointment so that your teeth and gums are in the best possible condition on the day your braces are applied.
  • Apply lip balm before you get your braces on to avoid your lips getting chapped. Keep it on hand to top up afterwards too.
  • Keep paracetamol in your bag for afterwards incase you are feeling any discomfort.
  • Make sure to eat something filling before you get your braces applied as it is uncomfortable to eat the first day after your braces have been applied.
  • Be sure to ask your dentist any questions you may have. My Dental have been very reassuring and have been able to answer all of my

Be sure to check out my “BRACES” highlight on my instastories to keep up to date with my journey to straighter teeth. Instagram – Bigbrowsmessyhair

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