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January 26, 2018

If you are anything like me, The makeup brush world can be a very confusing place. Watching Beauty Gurus on Youtube applying their flawless makeup while showing you 101 different brushes they use can leave you feeling well,,, confused.

When it comes to my everyday makeup, I like it to be quick and simple while still giving me that impeccable finish.

There is no need to take out a small loan any more to start your very own professional Makeup Brush collection. The Elite collection from Aluxe is a luxurious collection of 5 makeup brushes. This set has you covered, when it comes to foundation, contouring, highlighting, blending and applying eyeshadow. Rosie Connolly is one of Ireland’s leading Beauty and Fashion Bloggers. I am personally a fan of hers from way back when she started blogging in 2014 and even inspired me to start my own blog

Rosie is a qualified makeup Artist for the past 7 years working freelance and also for some of the leading Beauty Brands such as Stila Makeup, NYX Cosmetics, Buff Make up, Urban Decay and Benefit Cosmetics to name just a few.

It is easy to see the passion and attention to detail that went into creating The Elite Collection. Rosie’s minimal and classic style is unwavering throughout the packaging. This set is perfect for any budding makeup enthusiasts wanting to start their own makeup brush collection or to simply update your own collection with 5 universal quality brushes.

The Elite Collection contains :

The Flat Kabuki Brush

The Strobing Fan Brush

The Large Angled Contour Brush

The Large Shader Brush

The Small Tapered Blending Brush

It is easy to see Rosie put a lot of thought into erasing the stigma of confusion that comes with Makeup brushes by simply labeling what each brush can be used for, to get the best results.

Each brush is remarkably thick, fluffy and unimaginably soft. The brush handel is a cool grey shade featuring grey bristles also. Aluxe is printed onto the handle of each brush. There is no denying how luxurious these brushes look. I have to admit they are so visibly appealing sitting on my dressing table, that I struggled to put makeup on them at first.

Each brush is remarkably thick, fluffy and unimaginably soft.

My first reaction to using these brushes was β€˜ Oh wow!’ The fullness of each brush makes application super easy and flawless. The bristles did not absorb too much of the product which means applying foundation or eyeshadow was evenly distributed. I found it easy to pick up pigmented powders and the fluffy bristles made it very easy to apply.

This contouring brush is a large angled fluffy head brush with soft round edges. This brush can be used with powder products such as blush or bronzer on the cheekbones for the perfect diffused contour.

The Fan brush features short, soft and dense fibers that diffuses powder and cream products. This strobing tool will quickly become a staple in your everyday look.

The Flat Kabuki Brush features a flat top brush head with very soft and dense fibers, This brush can be used for a high definition finish with both liquid and cream foundations. It applies my foundation different to any other brush I have used. It is crazy what using the right tools can achieve.

The large shader brush features slightly bevelled edges . I like to use this brush with powder products such as cream shadow bases, powder or liquid products.

The small tapered blending brush features a pointed tip. This brush is ideal for adding depth in the crease with control or product placement.

These are my favourite brushes to keep on my vanity table to create quick, fuss free makeup with a professional finish. I hope this might have helped you feel a little less confused when it comes to updating your own Makeup Brush Collection.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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