My Top 10 Best Catrice Cosmetics for 2018

January 10, 2018

What better way to kick start the new year than with a beauty haul. I have compiled my Top 10 Best Catrice Cosmetics Products for 2018. I have been trialling a wide range of products from Catrice over the Christmas and I have narrowed it down to my top ten. The Catrice brand has been a firm favourite of mine and has become a staple inside my beauty bag. I have chosen products that are an every day essential – covering products from your face, eyes and lips. Some of these products tend to sell out super quick so like always if you are lucky to come pass these, swipe them up while you can.

1. All Round Concealer Palette
Ok by now a concealer is a must have in every makeup bag but this palette is stepping it up to a whole new level. Colour correcting and neutralizing your skin tone is going to be a massive trend for 2018. ( You heard it hear first!) Of course colour correcting is a known makeup technique but I think this year it will really take off as a 2018 trend. This palette has you covered when it comes to neutralizing and concealing to give your skin a flawless base.

  • Beige – covers imperfections
  • Pink – conceals dark circles
  • Green – neutralises redness

    2. The Ultimate Chrome Collection Eyeshadow Palette
    This eyeshadow palette has 9 highlighting shades from pastel pinks to dreamy nudes to deep plums. These shades are perfect to highlight and to sculpt. I love that these eyeshadows can also be used as a highlighter on your face etc.

    3. Kaviar Gauche Highlighter
    Firstly just look at the size of this highlighting compact!! It is the biggest highlighter I have ever laid my eyes on. It has an ultra silky powder consistency with light reflecting pigments for an extreme highlighting effect. This adds an unique shimmer to your face and body. It is packaged in a gold compact with a clear plastic lid. The highlighter itself has a very delicate and pretty floral design embedded into it. When it comes to highlighters, Catrice Cosmetics always nail it! I continually stock and restock my makeup drawers with a wide variety of highlighters from Catrice Cosmetics. This highlighter from The Kaviar Gauche collection was a nice addition and I think it is going to last me AGES!!

    4. Light and Shadow Contouring Blush
    This highlighting blush creates a fresh and defined look. You can wear the matte coral tone alone for a more defined look or you can swirl it altogether with the highlighting shade for a fresh and highlighting effect.

    5.Retouch Pens
    These pens offer 18 hour of moisturizing. The design of the pen make application super quick,easy and precise. These retouch pens by Catrice are a great dupe for the Touchè Èclat highlighting pens at a fraction of the price.

    • Anti – Dark Circle Concealer –This colour correcting yellow concealer will optically neutralize dark circles.
    • Brightening Concealer –Colour correcting lavender concealer that optically balances yellow skin patches and brightens dull skin.
    • Anti – Red Concealer –Colour correcting green concealer that optically neutralizes skin redness.

      6. Metal Matte Liquid Lip Powder
      This liquid formulation has a powdery long lasting finish. I love that it creates a matte – metal effect on my lips that is very unique.

      7.Liquid Metal creamy eyeshadow
      You can probably already see a running pattern here. I think 2018 will be slowing stepping away from the matte shades and we will begin to see a lot more metal effects, fresh highlighted skin with a dewy finish.
      This long lasting creamy eyeshadow with a metallic finish is also high coverage. It is packaged in a lip gloss style tube and wand making it super quick and easy to apply. I simply swipe across my entire eyelid for an instant shimmering effect.

      8. Calligraphy waterproof pen

      When it comes to winged eyeliner I will be the first to put my hands up and surrender. I am convinced my eyeliner can smell fear and nothing stops my hands from shaking; but…. nothing quite beats a slick defined line across your lash line. This pen does make application that little bit easier for me as it has an ultra fine applicator. This makes it easier for a precise slim eye line.

      9.Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara
      This waterproof mascara lifts and curls your lashes. The wand is extremely flexible which makes it easy to reach even the smallest of lashes. The brush features rubber bristles which make it easier to comb through each lash individually, coating each lash with mascara to give you that false lash effect.

      10. The Ultimate Matte Red
      It wouldn’t be a top ten without the mention of my signature lip shade and that is of course a deep matte red. This shade 030 is an extremely mattifying and dramatic red lip. I like to wear a red lip no matter what the season or occassion. I think a red lip can look effortlessly chic and stylish. It is packaged in a sleek black lipstick tube. The words Catrice are printed down the lipstick. I love this little touch, I think it adds a very luxury feel to it.

      There you have it My top 10 best Catrice Cosmetics products to kick start 2018. These products are all budget friendly and of high quality. I hope this might have helped to wash away those January blues and to update your beauty bag with some new and exciting products.

      Happy 2018

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