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August 30, 2017

French skincare LIERAC launched in Irish pharmacies nationwide this Summer. It is in a league of it’s own combining botanical active ingredients with high standards of science and technology. Lierac provides excellent solutions to all skincare needs of all ages promoting a plump, glowing and youthful complexion.

My three favourite words in skincare Plump, Glowing and Youthful.

Lierac was launched and would become the first french dermo – cosmetic brand specialising in the correction of visible signs of skin ageing. I can’t say it enough but nailing your skincare routine and targeting ageing skin in your twenties is the key to healthy glowing skin as we do grow older. A pioneering idea that today is still more appropriate than ever in a society in which ageing and appearance are gaining more and more importance.

Lierac soon established itself as an international cosmetic brand combining enjoyable beauty rituals with proven effectiveness. This french skincare accompanies you each day to help look and feel your best.

Lierac knows and speaks the Language of the skin.

Lierac have four top range products. Each product is unique in it’s own way aimed at targeting different areas and different signs of ageing.

  • Elixir sumptuous Oil €121

  • Voluptuous Cream €129

  • Premium Eyes €62

  • Masque Supreme €69

    Lierac Premium Masque Supreme €69

    I adore the striking yet simplicity to this packaging. The gold and black contrasting colours give it a luxury feel. The black tube is a dark matte shade while the gold twist top has a bright eye catching sheen. Irrelevant to the benefits of this face mask the premium packaging is a nice touch.

    This face mask focuses on an immediate youth boost that corrects all the signs of aging : deep wrinkles, loss of density , slacking, uneven complexion, dark spots, pores and skin texture. It has a creamy texture that creates an immediate replenishing second skin effect with a velvety finish.

    I like to apply this masque to fresh cleansed skin twice a week as part of my night time skincare routine. I love that with this face mask there is no need to be faffing around with face cloths or wipes. I simple apply it to dry skin, wait 15 mins and with a dry cotton pad dab off any excess.

    If you are impatient like me I loved that I could see results from after the first use. My skin looks softer but when I say softer I cannot exaggerate enough just how soft it feels. The next morning my complexion is illuminated and my skin tone is more even.

    I immensely enjoy applying this in the evening. It not only feels every bit of luxury applying it to my skin it smells it also. It has quite a masculine aroma but yet with floral undertones. One look at the ingredients and it is no wonder it has a uniqueness about it. With extracts of rare black flowers; black orchid, black Baccara rose and Black Poppy. Infused with sought after pure hyaluronic acid solution and enhancing soft – focus micro pigments.

    Black Orchid, Black Baccara Rose, Black Poppy.

    This powerful concentrated of ingredients with highly anti-oxidant and nutritive properties, Lierac premium is the ultimate in anti aging skincare.

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