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August 9, 2017

Joko makeup is a mineral product range that contains no nasty or harmful ingredients, so it is actually kind and gentle to your skin. It is 100% Cruelty Free, so it is never tested on animals. Joko being a pioneer, was one the first company granted this certificate. It’s 1 of the top 5 brands in Poland, from where it originated. It is owned and manufactured by Miraculum, which is over 90 years old and one of the oldest cosmetic manufactures in the world. This brand is now available in Ireland.

Joko cosmetics has been a warm welcome to makeup bag. Packaged in simple yet outstanding packaging – that looks ever so chic and stylish.

Foundation Cashmere Finish Foundation
I am a creature of habit, once I find a foundation that I like, it becomes my comfort blanket. So I do hold high expectations to being truly happy with my foundation. The name of this foundation had me excited – Cashmere Finish, sounds dreamy. This creamy foundation melts into my skin providing a strong and lasting effect. I like my foundation to be illuminating, lightweight but with full coverage. I love that this foundation ticks all of the above boxes. It has a smoothing effect that evens skin colour and makes it look natural throughout the day. It is infused with vitamins C + E complex which nourish and moisturizes my skin.

Baked Mineral Blush
This mineral blush blends into my skin so delicately and naturally. Baking makes the blush very easy to apply so no need to be nervous applying it. This mineral formula is enriched with Argan Oil. It is infused with highlight, to not only bring your face to life with a natural tint but also a gentle highlight. I am using this beautiful Auburn shade, which is the perfect combination of a red blush and a pink blush. This Auburn shade will be the beginning of my makeup bag transitioning from Summer to Autumn shades.

Highlighters are Multifunctional.

Highlight on fleek!
This 3 in 1 highlight can be used as an eyeshadow, on cheekbones, on cleavage, shoulders and swirled all over your face. I love how this highlight applies a light effect on my skin making it really POP and looking refreshed. Thanks to the national addition of mineral it makes the signs of fatigue less visible. It has an extremely smooth consistency that melts into your skin effortlessly creating the illusion of naturally healthy glowing skin. It is packaged in a chic palette, featuring a square mirror and a compact brush for application on the go.

Lip Balm Mattlip
There is no denying of my love of matte lipsticks. This rich, deep and creamy lipstick gives my lips the ultra matte finish. This lipstick lasts hours! Definitely one of the most longlasting lipsticks I own. It is enriched with vitamin , A, E and F complex with shea butter that moisturises smooths and nourishes your lips. Numerous of times through the day I have completely forgot that I was even wearing a matte lipstick until I checked my reflection. I rejoiced at how comfortable this matte lipstick is to wear and I loved how it did not dry my lips out. I am wearing the shade 060 It’s Genius. I love how vibrant this pink shade is and I look forward to adding more colours to my collection.

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