10 Best Makeup Brushes That Every Woman Should Own

June 28, 2017

If you’re anything like me I found starting my makeup brush collection to be quite confusing and a little daunting. I felt like I was just getting my head around the Beauty Blender when all of a sudden, there was a million different brushes I was been told I needed. After dipping my fingertips into the makeup brush world I can definitely appreciate the effect of what using the right brushes can do for applying your makeup.

Using the right tools can give you a professional makeup artist finish.

Today I am stripping it back for you and sharing my 10 best makeup brushes that every Woman should own.

I am loving The Body shop’s new makeup brushe collection. These brushes are designed to master the hottest makeup trends. These Charcoal – coated makeup brushes take the look to the next level. While they feel light and softer than a squirrel’s tail, fear not, as you would expect from The Body Shop they are 100% cruelty Free from their synthetic bristles down to their sustainably sourced FSC wooden handles, OH and did I mention they’re totally vegan!!

  1. Buffing Brush

I wear liquid foundation and I have to admit to applying my foundation using my fingertips not so long ago…. like ANIMAL! ( hangs head in shame.) I love that this brush gives me the flexibility to make my foundation buildable. This clever buffing brush helps create a fresh faced look, spreading it out evenly. I love how smoothly it applies my foundation. If you use liquid foundation like me, then I would recommend trying this Buffing Brush.

Shop Here €22.50

2. Point Highlighter Brush

Highlight on fleek! This versatile highlighting brush can be used for strobing or contouring. I have been personally using this brush to highlight. I was amazed by how using the right tools can effectively change how the product applies. The highlight I am using in this photo is €4.50 from Catrice, but with the right tools it instantly takes your look to the next level.

Shop Here €19.95

3. Contouring Brush

This face defining and blending brush is designed to give you that Kim Kardashian contouring effect. With is short stiff bristles making this the perfecting brush to get right into the hollow of your cheeks to contour and blend. I like to use this brush for evening makeup especially as I feel it gives me a more defined contour.

Shop Here €22.50

4.Fan Brush

I am a big fan, ( see what I did there…) This fan brush is perfect for subtle shading and ideal with blushers also. The fan brush is designed to master the art of subtle highlighting. I use this fan brush daily to create a light dewy glow across my cheeks and gently swipe across my nose.

Shop Here €18.50

5.Double – Ended Eyeshadow Brush

Any product that gives me two for one I am a fan of! One end of this amazing dual ended tool is a slanted brush, perfect for creating precise lines and defined strokes. The other end is a blender brush which is designed to help you blend colours together with ease while building intensity.

Shop Here €17.00

6. Slanted Blusher Brush

This super soft angled brush is designed to apply blusher and highlighter like an expert MUA. This is my favourite brush, so much so, I have two of them. I use one to apply blusher and the other to lightly apply (powder) contour for a daytime look. The angle of this brush makes application precise and very easy to handle.

Shop Here €19.95

7.Eyeshadow Crease Brush

This brush is super handy and the perfect size and shape to give you softly defined eyes.This nifty eyeshadow brush is my everyday saviour. I love how easy it is to use and it does all the work for me.

Shop Here €15.00

8.Eyeshadow Blending Brush

An essential for any makeup bag. This brush creates that seamlessly blended eye look, that can take you from day to night. I love that this brush does all the hard work for me making blending effortless. No need to worry about unblended eyeshadow ever again.

Shop Here €15.00

9.Flat Shader Brush

This a must have brush. I like to use this flat shader brush to extend my eyeshadow and to give it that sultry smoky finish.

Shop Here €13.50

10. Eye Liner Brush

This is my fave brush to tackle those oh so tricky feline liquid liner flicks. Let me introduce you to this clever little makeup brush that allows precision when applying your liquid liner. Whether you are a thick dramatic wing or an elegant flick is more your thing, creating the perfect look is easy with this brush.

Shop Here €13.50

Check out the full collection

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