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June 19, 2017

I have always been an avid fan of hair extensions. They quickly became my comfort blanket. I became dependent on my clip in hair extensions and I wore them daily. To be honest I grew tired of clipping them in and out every day and every night. I would look at photos and I hated seeing them not blended in properly with my natural hair. No matter how I styled them I just wasn’t happy with the results. I wasn’t getting the style I desired.

My hair is such an important part of who I am and my everyday style. My hair style is very much like the clothes I wear. It communicates my style and personality without having to say a word.

Gold Fever hair

Recently I had a full head of Gold Fever hair extensions applied by Denise in Pelo Hairdressing in Kildare. My natural hair just hits my shoulders, but now with with my full head of Gold Fever my blonde hair falls effortlessly below my mid drift. Gold Fever is pre bonded hair extensions which attach securely to your hair. The hair is 100% ethical and traceable.

  • The first thing I noticed about Gold Fever Hair that stood out to me was the thickness! From root to tip – it is the same thickness, which gives it that sought after pinterest style.

  • The second thing I noticed was how shiny and silky they feel. This makes them blend effortlessly and look oh so natural!

  • The third thing I noticed, shocked me! They feel weightless on my head. After years of clipping hair onto my head I noticed the difference with the bonded hair extensions straight away. There is so much hair yet they feel so light on my head.

    It felt as if my own hair had just magically grown.

    Gold Fever Hair bonds are not noticeable in my hair which makes it easy for styling .Gold Fever Hair sheds the same way natural hair does, this is down to the quality and application.

    Who applied my Gold Fever Hair extensions?

    I went to Pelo hairdressing in Kildare. Denise Mc Lean applied my full head of hair extensions. Denise is a wizard when it comes to applying hair extensions. She color matched my hair to what seemed like strand by strand. My hair has lots of different tones of blonde going through as my hair is highlighted. Denise matched it perfectly with a blend of three different shades of blonde to give it the most natural look. Pelo Hairdressing and Beauty is an Alfaprf Award winning salon. Their monochrome salon with splashes of pink made me feel right at home. I knew I was in expert hands with Denise, as her pure love for hair and creativity was easy to see. As I sipped my coffee from the prettiest floral tea cup, laughter and chatter filled Pelo Hairdressing, making the atmosphere very relaxing and friendly. Even though I was a new client to Denise , I quickly felt like I had known her for years and couldn’t stop myself from chatting. Denise made the whole experience relaxing, comfortable and most of all fun!

    How I care for my extensions at home.

    I have been treating my extensions the same way I would treat my own hair. Gold Fever Hair Extensions are 100% human, so I wash, condition and blow dry them the same. Denise gave me some helpful tips to care and maintain them.

    Always blow dry your bonds as they are at the weakest with they are wet. When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, Denise said for the best results, use Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Which can be easily picked up in your local salon, Boots, Sally’s Etc, and always tie it back into a pony tail at night time.

    While I was in Pelo Hairdressing Denise introduced me to the instyler and it was love at first sight. So much so I went home and ordered one online the next day. The instyler created volume and bounce without a ringlet. If like me you have spent hours strolling through youtube searching ‘how to achieve Victoria’s Secret style hair?’ then look no further than the Instyler.

    (Separate blog post coming soon on the Instyler and how I style my hair.)

    Why I have fallen in love with Gold Fever hair extensions.

    My natural hair would be within reason thick and healthy, after years of having a good hair care regime in place which is needed for highlighted hair. I love that Gold Fever hair extensions are not damaging to my natural hair. My natural hair is at the longest it has been for some time now, but it never seems to grow much more. I love Gold Fever Hair Extensions for length, thickness and volume! This is my first full head of pre bonded hair extensions and I can already tell I am going to be addicted! They are a complete game changer. They have completely boosted by confidence and I feel like I have had a complete make over. I love how easy they are to style. Even on those early morning school runs, I just quickly brush through them and pop on my sunglasses and I instantly feel more put together in a effortless chic kind of way.

    I love Gold Fever Hair for the length, thickness and volume.

    How long do the last?

    I had a full head of Gold Fever bonds applied so depending on how I take care of them, I should get roughly 6 months before they will need to be updated. Everybody is different and it depends on many different factors. I am using Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Blow drying the bonds so not to leave them wet. I am using the Gold Fever Hair brush which has been specifically designed to gently de tangle your extensions without tugging at the bonds too harshly.

    In three months I will do an updated blog post on how I am finding them and how I am managing them.

    How long does application take?

    Denise took roughly three hours, which flew by as we were constantly chatting. The application did not hurt, and I personally found the whole process extremely relaxing and comfortable.You will need to be colour tested prior to your application.

    How much do they cost?
    As everybody is different and wants a different style to achieve this can be a tricky one to answer. Generally speaking you would pay anything between between €750 – €850 For a full head of Pre bonded hair extensions. You will get an accurate price in the first consultation. Denise has the option where you can pay half up front and the rest on application or you have the option to pay the remaining off in instalments prior to having them applied. With hair extensions, you do really get what you pay for. If your want quality extensions that are thick, silky and not damaging to your natural hair giving you the most natural results, then I can’t recommend Gold Fever hair extensions highly enough.

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