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May 8, 2017

It’s no lie that having blonde hair is high maintenance. I unfortunately learned my lesson the hard way. For many years while living in Lanzarote, my hair was a cocktail for disaster, with a mix of over bleaching, too much sun, over washing and over using hot hair tools. Now being much more careful with my hair I selectively choose what shampoo and conditioner to use at home for the best reaults. I have my hair highlighted every six weeks – alternating between a full head and a half head. I also like to treat my hair to a luxury salon hair treatment in my local hairdressers Honeycomb. My hairdresser Orla, is a wizard when it comes to working with blonde hair. I was delighted to have stumbled upon Honeycomb and three years later i’ve never left. Orla rescued what was left of my hair and brought it back to life. She introduced me to the Joico’s 4 Step treatment. This treatment is suitable for all hair types. The unique system, rehydrates and rebuilds damaged hair. It also increases shine, smoothness and strength. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to treat my hair to a little TLC with Joico’s four step treatment. I have attended two weddings back to back recently with plenty of styling in between also. It is so hard to bring out the shine in blonde hair, but after my Joico 4 step treatment, my hair is visibley smoother, healthier and dare I say has some shine to it.
Here’s what is involved in the Joico salon treatment for damaged hair – Honeycomb Hair

Step 1 – Clarifying Shampoo

This is an intense clarifying treatment that cleanses the hair and removes mineral deposits, impurities and styling product buildup. The K – Pak Clarifying shampoo is formulated in a creamy texture to leave hair feling moisturized, smooth and radiant.

Step 2 – K – Pak Cuticle Sealer

  • Locks in moisture.

  • Seal the cuticle.

  • Delivers smoothness to the hair.

  • Reduces PH swelling to restore hair back to its natural state of PH level.

Step 3 – K – Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstruction.

Rebuilds the hair structure from the inside out, K- Pak re – energizes stressed damaged and chemically treated hair, bringing it back to its natural state.

Step 4 – K Pak Intense Hydrator

Replenishes moisture and lipids to overly dry damaged hair rendering it manageable soft shiny and hydrated. The intense hydrator seals the hair cuticles and improves hair elasticity.

If you feel your hair is brittle, has no elasticity, feels dry and lacking in shine and life, treat your hair to a little TLC and book in with the Honeycomb team in Limerick, to bring that bounce back to your hair.

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