Ziaja Cucumber Infused Skincare

April 13, 2017

Cucumber is the ultimate skin beautifying veggie so it is no surprize that Ziaja’s new cucumber and mint infused skin care products will help keep your complexion clear and your skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated.

Cucumbers have been long loved by beauty experts because this green veggie effectively treats many common skin problems.

The benefits of Ziaja’s Cucumber infused products.

Ziaja’s cucumber products contain pure cucumber pulp extract, which has plenty of benefits for your skin. Not only Is it refreshing and revitalising, soothing and cooling it is also :

  • Purifying

  • Anti- inflammatory

  • Reduced pigmentation

  • Improves skin tone

The benefits of added mint extract

Ziaja’s newest products also contain mint extract to refresh and help reduce oily skin. As I have an oily T-zone, I have seen most improvement in this area from using these products. Mint has an array of benefits for your skin, not only do I personally love the zesty fresh scent, it also helps with the appearance of :

  • Lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Uneven pigmentation

  • Enlarged pores

  • Roughness

Cucumber Mint Micellar Gel €3.99 (200ml)

I am a massive fan of quick and easy steps to removing my makeup using Micellar water, but the buzz amongst the beauty gurus is now Micellar Gel. I like my skin care routine to be quick and simple, whilst also carrying out an active cleansing regime. This Micellar gel is suited to every skin type, which alone shows how gently and natural this product is.

It foams up with water to easily remove makeup, while getting right into your pores, to swoosh away every last last piece of grime and dirt. The cucumber deeply cleanses and resurfaces skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It is gently enough to use every day. I have also loved using it on my electronic face brush in the shower. I love using this Ziaja Micellar gel coming into the Summer season as it provides a feeling of minty freshness. Ziaja in my humble opinion have the best value for money when it comes to skin care.

Cucumber Mint Face Cream €3.99

I love that this face cream is ultralight. I have combination skin and while my T Zone can become oily the rest of my skin can be left feeling quite dry. I find that this cooling and calming cream provides my skin with intense hydration. While the Cucumber tackless redness and irritation. It gently brightens and improves my skin tone. The infused mint extract refreshes my skin and brings it back to life, no matter how tired I am feeling. I have been really enjoying this face cream and integrated it into my skincare routine Morning and Night. Again for €3.99 it is definitely worth trying it out. It is nice been able to introduce quality products into my skin care routine without having to spend a small fortune.

It is nice been able to introduce quality products into my skin care routine without having to spend a small fortune.

Cucumber Mint Body Lotion. €5.99

This quick drying micro emulsion body lotion floods the skin with intensive moisture to increase hydration. This body lotion cools, soothes and smoothes your skin. This will definitely be a holiday cream essential for me. I am looking forward to applying this minty lotion to my skin, after spending a day out in the sun.The cooling refreshing cucumber infused with mint will be a luxury to apply to my sun kissed skin, keeping it hydrated, refreshed and smooth.

Where to find – Pharmacies and Heatons nationwide, I find the best prices are online Original

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