How I fill in my eyebrows & what products I use

March 26, 2017

This is a highly requested blog post, it is a question I seem to always get asked. I have been delaying writing this blog post until I was content with the products I was using. I have finally perfected my eyebrow regime. My eyebrows naturally are quite thick and weirdly long, (ahem bigbrowsmessyhair!?) I am not quite sure how I ignored the over plucking teenage years as I liked to experiment with my makeup; but for some reason I always left my eyebrows alone. ( Which I am joyful about now.) A little brow – grooming goes an awfully long way.

How I fill in my brows

I begin by using an eyebrow pencil – in small light strokes I draw a light hair like line along the bottom of my eyebrow following the natural curve. I then take my pencil and starting in line with my pupil, I will begin to draw lightly once again along the top of my eyebrow following the natural curve- until both lines meet at the end of my eyebrow.

To keep my eyebrows looking natural and dare I say like hair I change the direction from horizontal to vertical. I then draw and fill in very lightly hair like strokes in a vertical direction from where my eyebrow begins. Once my eyebrows are outlined I begin to shade,sculpt and define.

Eyelure Brow Palette 12.99

I have fallen in love with with this eye Brow Palette. There is three compartments – Sculpt Shape and to Define.

  • Sculpt – With the firm hold waterproof wax it makes it long wearing. It is also infused with Rosemary oil and sweet Almond oil to moisturise and care for brow hair which I think is an extremely important factor to having thicker eyebrows.

  • Shade – With a intensely pigmented powder that is enriched with vitamins A and C, antioxidant vitamin E and silicone fluid which makes application super smooth and effortless. Using the brush supplied I gently fill in my eyebrows adding a touch of colour to my brows. When shading I also go in the same direction as outlining. Shading the front of my eyebrows vertically while shading the rest of my brows in a horizontal direction.

  • Define – I then like to gently sweep the matte highlighter under my brow to define the arch.

Available in dark brown, mid brown and blonde shades.

Eylure Brow Amplifier €12.99

To then keep my eyebrows is place so to not rub off the ‘fleek-ness’ I then go in with this brow fiber gel that creates a long lasting, intense colour whist taming my brows. This brow amplifier gives you the colour and hold with some serious staying power. The fibre leaves them looking fuller and gives them added dimension while the gel boast volume adds colour and ensures that hairs don’t stray.( A handbag essential.) This brow amplifier is packaged in a mascara style wand and tube making it easier to keep my brows groomed when I am on the go! This Brow Amplifier is available in Dark brown, mid brown or blonde shades.

Eyelure Brow Contour €11.99

This two sided chubby pencil is my brows bestie. One end is a long lasting firm pencil that I keep with me on the go to fill in my brows. The other end offers a gorgeous matte highlighter that is creamy and silky. This is my secret weapon to contouring my eyebrows with a one stop product for beautiful full brows. I love keeping this chubby pencil in my makeup bag as I can fill in, shade and highlight using one tool. Which is ideal for travelling, nights out or just to keep for touch up throughout the day. This brow contour pencil is available in dark brown, mid brown or blonde shades.

Eylure Brow Stencils €6.49

Who needs a makeup artist when you’ve got eylure stencils on hand for instant brow wow! There are four different arch shapes to choose from. Meduim arch, Slim arch, High arch, Full arch. This is the perfect eyebrow guideline to introduce if you beginning to fill them in or looking to up your eyebrow game.


Eylure Brow Shapers €3.49

Take your eyebrows into your own hands. In between my visits to the threading salon I like to use these pre shaped hair removal strips. These strips are fast, effective and easy to use. This package comes with 12 arched cold wax strips for main shaping and 18 small rectangle trips for correction. I love how these are specially shaped to be used above and below the brow line, making it easy for me to create perfectly shaped brows every time.

You can find Eylure products at : lloyds, SamMcCauleys,Mc Cabes, Cara Pharmacy, Allcare Pharmacy, Total Health Pharmacy, Shaws Dept stores and Pharmacies nationwide.

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