Cailyn Ireland Makeup Masterclass

March 5, 2017

I attended The Cailyn Cosmetics makeup master class hosted by the very talented Jeanette Cronin in the Parkway Shopping center, Limerick. The evening was very relaxed and had a welcoming environment. Jeanette shared all her tips and tricks from flawless looking skin, to how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner, to applying a bold red lip.
Jeanette has a unique way of explaining her craft. She breaks it down simply for even beauty amatures like myself to understand. I felt I was behide the scenes of a beauty gurus youtube channel. With the only difference being you can ask questions, see application from all angles and my favourite see how the mistakes are fixed. Lets face it everyone makes mistakes whether it be a smudge of the mascara wand across your cheek or when your winged eyeliner is causing more stress then needed. I like seeing in real life how professionals deal with this bothersome occurrence, unlike myself who just ends up throwing my mascara across my bedroom.

Cailyn Ireland

Cailyn cosmetics has variety of high quality lines including -mineral based face and body make up, naturally inspired Skin Care lines, and Nail care products. Cailyn Cosmetics are quickly dominating my makeup bag at the moment, from their concelars to the HD banana powder to my collection of matte lipsticks.They are a cosmetic private manufacturing company for of over 10 years, located in heart of Los Angeles. It is easy to see why Cailyn Cosmetics is taking over Ireland.

Cruelty Free

CAILYN proudly offers none-animal testing products, certified by Leaping Bunny. They do not test or re-test on animals to assess safety, efficacy, or environmental effects of cosmetics. Most of CAILYN COSMETICS is formulated without petrochemical, phthalates and other harmful ingredients.

Cailyn Cosmetics hold makeup master classes with Jeanette Cronin every few months, so be to sure to check out her instagram for all up coming events. Whether you are a complete beauty amateur or professional MUA there is something for everyone. Cailyn put their stamp of perfection to the evening with everyone being gifted a goodie bag filled with Cailyn products. Jeanette is also on hand after the class to advise you on makeup and shades to taylor suit you. Along with give aways on he night it really is the perfect way to spend an evening feeding into your beauty addiction.

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