Enhance your beauty sleep with Ziaja ‘s night creams

February 19, 2017

Everyone knows the power of a great nights sleep. While your sleeping your skin is busy repairing and regenerating. Introducing a great night cream can boost your skin’s natural renewal process and boost hydration. Even by massaging in night cream as you apply it, it increases circulation to supercharge your skin while you sleep.

Enhance your beauty sleep by introducing night creams into your skin care regime.

Starting your skincare routine can feel a little dauting. Intoducing a night cream is a great place to start. Ziaja offer a wide selection of creams and shower gels from body to hands to face. Ziaja’s night creams are formulated with super hydrating, anti – anging and even acne – banshing properties. Which provide you with additional ammunition in the battle against ageing, dry and problem skin. In your twenties it is a great time to start prepping your skin for the future. Ziaja offer different ranges to suit different skin types. Ziaja is a staple on my bathroom shelf as it is extremly affordable and it will last months. Each night cream I have chosen is under 7 euro! Whether your skin type is dry, sensitive or acne prone, I have found the night cream to suit you.

Manuka tree gently exfoliating night cream €6.99 ( 50ml)

If you suffer from blemishes and acne prone skin consider this your dream cream. This cream is infused with antibacterial and leaves extract. The Manuka extract reduces acne lesions and reduces enlarged pores. It brightens darkspots and calms inflammation.

Sensitive skin firming night cream €6.99 (50ml)

This is a great cream even if you don’t have sensitive skin. This sensitive skin, firming night cream has a proven effectiveness. It eliminates redness, soothes inflamation and reduces the skins sensitivity level. I like that this cream also offers wrinkles reducing ingredients to help with skin ageing. This night cream provides your skin with a boost of hydration without feeling too heavy on your skin.

Goat’s milk night cream €6.99 (50ml)

Enjoy complete and utter hydration with Ziaja goat milk night cream. It is easy to see why this is a best seller in the brand and my personal favorite. This rich luxurious night cream is an essential for dry skin suffers. This cream is infused with nourishing goats milk proteins that are naturally hydrating to effectively treat dry sky. I love that it leaves my skin feeling smoother softer and revitalised. Upon opening this cream I got a waft of nostalgia that reminded me of my Mother and grandmother’s face creams. It has an unique retro powdery scent that I personally adore!

Goat’s milk has the closest PH balance to human skin, so it is welcomed by the skin and won’t cause any irratation.

My skins needs change through out the month. As each of these creams are all under €7.00 I like to mix and match to create a tailored made skin care plan. My skin goes from been acne prone, to feeling tight and dry. Thank you Mother Nature! With Ziaja I like that I can create a personal skin care routine without spending a small fortune.

Ziaja is available from pharmacies nationwide and Heatons. I have noticed the best prices are online from


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