Dreamland – All children have the right to play.

January 18, 2017

Dylan and mylself spent the most magical afternoon in Dreamland Limerick. Dreamland is a dream come true for disabled children all over Ireland because for the first time they can play alongside their siblings and friends. Dreamland is designed to reflect a child’s imagination, the kind they only find in story books or in their dreams. Excitment fills the air and with very friendly staff on hand to help out. This centre is an inclusive play centre where no child sick or disabled will feel different. This centre is wheel chair accessible and is also fitted with a relaxing sensory room. There is a warming and welcoming atmosphere. Where for a short time children can forget any treatments, hospitalistions, loneliness, disappointments, fears and trade them in for laughter, friendship, love and a place to make happy memories with their siblings and friends. It is a magical place where all children and families will feel connected and will be able to enjoy each others company.

Dream land is unique in Europe with Ireland showing that our children are not forgotten when it comes to reaching out a hand of love and friendship to special children all over the world.

The Village

Walking into the Village reminded me of stepping into Whoville. The magic hits you instantly, it is fresh bright with immculate decor, it is truly spotless. Not a piece of wall paper peeling nor a toy arrangment out of place. You are amongst a little dreamy cobbled village with a castle fit for sleeping beauty. It has eight idyllic areas to visit

  • Shays flight of dreams

An airport where you can check out luggage with little suitcases provided, before bording a plane – it also lets you be the pilot and fly the plane too.

  • Girls world

Entering the world of princesses – where you can do their hair, makeup and nails.

  • Teddy Bear hospital

Care for your cuddly toys at the play clinic with all nessary equipment for any buddy medical professional.

  • Supermarket

This supermarket is amazing!! It allows the children to take ther trolley around the supermarket picking up their grocery shop. Even the play food is so life like! I think my son’s face below to seeing a packaged fish really says it all! With a little check out area and silver coins provided to pay. The learning behide this for every day tasks are simply amazing, especially for a child with a disability that may find grasping the understanding of every day errands difficult.

  • Fire station.

Stepping into a station that fire man Sam would be happily proud of. Fitted with a fire man hose, gadgets and even a little dress up area filled with fire saftey gear such as coats and helmet’s.

  • Animal farm

This is a soft area for smaller kids. It is filled with all their favourite cuddley animals.

  • Tree of life

Explore the tree of knowledge with many little surprises and hidden gems inside – including a top of the range sensory room. Which is a great little room where a child can go to relax and regulate their sensory needs.

  • Castle of dreams

Find your prince or princess in their magical castle fitted with the balcony of dreams, and a slide built for two. ( They even encourage parents to go down the slide with children – which is always fun, how could i say no?)

This really was an experience and I felt like I was stepping into the future. It is such a fun, modern and forward way of thinking and designing a play center. As a mother to a little boy with Autism and a learning disability – Dream land has filled my heart with a flutter of magic, joy and belief of a bright future for my child. It shows we are moving in the right direction with awareness and acceptance to children with disabilities and sickness. I was just as excitied as the kids when Mickey mouse appeared to pose for photos with the children, dancing and holding their hands.



If you would like to experince the magic of Dreamland you can find all the information at booking, times and party rooms.

All disabled children visiting dreamland with their family will be free once registered and all other siblings and adults must pay the rate of 8 euro. This money goes directly to allowing the share a dream foundation to continue making dreams come true for sick children all over Ireland and allows disabled children to visit for free.


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