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January 11, 2017

I am starting 2017 with a new fitness plan with Result with Lucy. There is nothing better then starting fresh, making new goals and smashing them. I struggle with time keeping and learning boundaries when it comes to knowing when enough is enough. Finding enough time between all aspects of my life is a challenge.The area that I seem to neglect the most is my wellbeing, physical and mental health. I put everything before it, which isn’t always the right decision. As soon as I start lacking in energy or positivity the rest of my life becomes understandable much harder. I would say I have a competitive streak which I think stems from my 10 years competing as a gymnast. I always like to strive to succeed at what ever I put my mind to. As part of my blog I like to focus on health and fitness. For now my aim is to concentrate on my wellbeing, fitness and health. My new resolution for 2017 is now in full swing.
Meet Personal Trainer Sophie Grace Holmes

Reesults with Lucy have launched a new programme called Extreme which it is a six week intense plan devised by Results with Lucy’s very own power house , personal trainer Sophie Grace Holmes. Sophie is an amazing powerful woman – after being born ten weeks premature, Sophie was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis at just four months old and told she may not make it to her teens. After being hospitalised at 19 due to a dramatic lung capacity , Sophie then decided to dedicate her life to proving that she can fight this disease and make the most of every day. Now at 25, a fully qualified PT – Sophie has teamed up with Results with Lucy to launch her very own advanced fitness plan. Being every inch of a real life fitspo and #girlboss her story inspires me.

Extreme Results

This six week, advanced training plan is perfect for gym lovers, fitness fanatics and those training for edurance events. With four workouts per week, combining strength training, power training HIIT and interval training into your routine. As well as having access to Results with Lucy’s video bank of 400 plus workout videos to choose from.
I like having the luxury to be in control of when and where I workout. I simply choose a time that suits me, log into my account and smash my workout. I took some time off during the Christmas holidays and relaxed my training regime.Now I am itiching to get back into the swing of things and ready to carve out a new fitness routine for 2017. I have begun my week with my first fitness test which I have jotted down my results to keep record of to see how my fitness improves as the weeks go on. I’m not going to lie I did struggle trying to keep up Sophie. She is like a machine, it has motivated me to up my game!


Results with Lucy offer hundreds of delicious healthy recipes, meal plans and shopping lists for all their customers to help to stay on track. I will be sharing some of my favourite meals over on my snapchat so be sure not to miss out! ( username @bigbrowsmessyh1) I will be checking back in when I am mid way through the plan. (In 3 weeks time.) I will let you know how I am finding it and I will be sharing my thoughts.Keep up to date with my progress daily over on my social media – Instagram Facebook

Check out all the fitness plans that Results with Lucy have to offer

2017 let’s do this!


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    January 16, 2017 at 2:34 am

    I find the words “extreme” and “Fitness” in the same sentence, or even paragraph highly terrifying hahaa. This definitely sounds like a great way to kick your butt into 2017 the right way.

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      January 16, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Haha yes !! The work outs are pretty intense in this plan. I like that their to the point – intense and extreme and before you know it your cooling down! Perfect for early starts or to squeeze into the evening when you have some free time x

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