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December 18, 2016

Its Chritmas party season time! Whether you’ll be wearing a little black number or a festive red dress, theres nothing more flattering then a golden glow! I have been loving Irelands newest tanning product Sunkiss self tan. This tan has an easy at home application. Sunkiss is a responsive tanning product meaning it will adapt to your skin – tone to create the sun kisssed natural glow. This product was originally a perfessional spray tan product. The creator Janice O’ Sullivan wanted to created a high quality tanning system that could be applied at home. An easy application and a sweet fresh scent were key factors when finalizing this products design. Sunkis tan creates an authentically tanned skin with a healthy glow. With the beautful Vogue Willams as the face of SunKiss I was ever so keen to try it out.
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First Step – Prep Skin

Prep skin by showering with an exfoliate body wash. Then I like to use a deep scurb foscusing on my knees, knuckles,ankles and elbows. It is also important to use a deep scrub to remove any old tan before before applying a new layer. This avoids getting a tan build up. Pat dry and apply a moisturiser of your choice to the same areas you focused on with the deep scrub. Now your skin is ready to apply your self tanner.


This tan is super easy and quick to apply. It usually takes me about 8 minutes to tan my whole body using Sun Kiss self tanner. I hold the tanning mist 6- 12 inches from my body and spray in sweeping movemets to acheive an even tan I like to start on my feet and work my way up. I have been using the Sunkiss double sided tanning velvet mit to then, rub it in. The tan has an instant colour to it, making application easy to see where you have sprayed it. I like to apply this tan in the evening and to wear loose fitting clothes to bed. I then rinse it off in the morning for the best results.


When you shower for the first time, use a gentle shower gel and pat the skin dry with a towel. Dont forget to use a moisturiser to lock in hydration. Within a few days it will begin to fade natural leaving no patches or uneven skin tones.

My Thoughts

  • Packaging is very cute and unique to other tanning products on the market. It comes in a white bottle, with pink poka dots on a gold detailed background.I love how this looks propped on my bathroom shelf.
  • Sun kiss double sided velvet mitt has an extremly velvet feel to it making blending for an even application, effortless!
  • I couldn’t stress enough how easy and quick this application takes. Finished within minutes!!
  • The scent has no traces of ( a fake tan smell at all!!) It has a beautiful sweet summer scent.
  • After applying it drys super quick, enabling you to get re-dressed within seconds.
  • The morning after you tan the result will be as if you have had a perfessional spray tan in the beauticians.
  • Long lasting tan that will look great for up to 5- 7 days (that will then fade naturally.)
  • (My top tip) – Stand on a towel when applying this tan mist.

Shop – SunKiss – tanning mist €12.95

Shop – SunKiss – tanning – mitt €5.95


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