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September 11, 2016


This beautiful tan I have been raving about across my social media is Black magic tan. I have been looking to update my tanning regime for some time now, in hope that one would stand out from the wide selection of self tanners that is out there. I have always been a self acclaimed self tanning addict. Although the one thing that would really annoy me was the ‘biscuit smell’ off the self tanners. It was driving me cuckoo! ( Every girl, and maybe some lucky boyfriends know the fake tan smell I am referring to.) For too long I just put up with it and thought, it is what it is. Until I was sent Black magic tan to try out. First thing that caught my judging eye was it claimed to be fragrance free. Black magic tan was the answer to my vitamin D deprived Irish skins problem.

Black magic tan originates from Australia and I can easily see why it is one of the leading tanning brands in the world. All of their products are fragrance free, paraben free and cruelty free!

Their Green base fragrance free original mouse is the winner for me. The bronzing mousse consisity makes for an easy application with no mess. I also love that this tan is buildable. I applied one layer for a very natural summer glow – I applied two layers for a deep olive tan. This tan is made using natural and organic ingredients infused with anti – ageing green tea extract, antioxidants and botanicals to nourish your skin.

I like to apply it in the evening to let in develop over night. I first prepare my skin by exfoliating using their Xfoliate Mitt . This mitt is simply amazing! It removed any traces of old tan from my skin with a wipe. It is made of all natural fibres to remove dead skin cells and uncover all new skin underneath. I used it in the shower on wet skin but it can also be used on dry skin with oil. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, the perfect base to apply self tanner.

I then apply the bronzing mousse with their delux tanning mitt. This could be my OCD but I love that this mitt is black. Not only does it look very chic, it also doesn’t get those nasty tan stains all over it. In the picture above this mitt has been used numerous times and it still looks likes new! I pump out a golf size ball of tan and start on my legs and work my way up. The application takes me only ten to fifteen minutes. It dries within a minute making it easy to get dressed and go about my evening as normal. In the morning it is ready to wash off leaving a gorgeous streak free tan with none of that dreaded fake tan smell. Prepping your skin is key. Exfoliating and applying my tan in this way would leave me bronzed for up to a week. When it begins to fade, it fades gradually and even.

You can check out Black magic tan here and follow them on Instagram here


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