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September 7, 2016



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Summer has officially ended, but I do have to admit Autumn is my favourite season. I love the enchanting change of seasons. Although we still had very little sun this summer in Ireland, there is a crispiness in the air come September that I love. Whether you are back studying or the kids are back in school, September is a great time to change with the seasons and to start a new daily routine.

I collaborated with Results with Lucy in January where I completed their six packs abs plan, which was a 12 weeks programme. I was surprised by the results. It was the best I have looked and felt since I had my son. I was eating three meals a day and snacks ( I never felt hungry, I never felt like I was on a ‘diet’) I felt stronger, leaner and more energized. Results with Lucy helped me get in shape for summer 2016. Once I completed the programme I trained sporadically through out the summer. I wasn’t following any structured exercises. I was just doing what I want when I felt like it. To be honest near the end of the summer I couldn’t help but feel sluggish!

Now that Dylan is back to school, I wanted to carve myself out a structured daily routine. That will help me to stay on track exercising, eating healthy,prepping meals and keeping positive. I am hitting the refresh button and looking forward to getting my ass back in gear.

I am delighted to be collaborating with Results with Lucy again. This time I am signed up to one of their new plans which is called HIIT harder. This is an advance level and it is a 12 weeks plan. In this plan I am presented with a daily meal plan I can follow, which I did not have in the six pack abs plan. Each day I log into my account to see what my workout session will be for that day . I am also presented with my menu plan for the day which includes three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can download the entire menu plan and shopping list to print off and keep on hand.

I get a lot of messages from women saying they are quite picky with foods and how would their menu plan work if they got a meal they did not like? This is a great question, I myself do not tend to be very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. For example if a fish dish came up on my menu plan I would simply go to Results with Lucy’s EatWell section and switch it for another meal I would prefer, such as a chicken dish. The EatWell plan is a library of hundreds of healthy recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner that is available for all Results with Lucy customers.

I will be sharing a lot of my workouts and meals over on my snapchat username @bigbrowsmessyh1 so don’t forget to add me.

You can check out Results with Lucy Here



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