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June 3, 2016


You don’t realise how far you have come until you look back to when you first started. When I began results with Lucy it made me re think the way I do about fitness and training from home. I love exercising, but my problem has always been finding the time to exercise. I am mum to a wonderful four year old boy and having time to myself is rare. Organsing babysitters so I can go to gym is just a pain. Results with Lucy is a home work out programme, that pushes you for great personal results, with fresh new videos uploaded every day. It is a fantastic programme run by model/ The only way is Essex star and ceo of results with Lucy – Lucy Mecklenburgh and personal trainer and co owner Cecilia Harris. There is no gimmicks – you train hard and you see the results.


you want results

Each workout differs from lifting weights, kettle bells swings to squatting to an inch of your life! I have learned so many new ways to work my abs from all different angles to get the best results. I was challenged by my programme as it was changed daily by introducing yoga, cardio and strength training. It kept me motivated and interested. If I had to say a negative; the only exercise I did not enjoy was the fitness dancing. This is just a personal opinion of mine as I much prefer more structured conditioning. ( I like to feel my muscles pulsing) Although some may enjoy the dancing, it just wasn’t for me. Dance only played a small part in the six pack abs plan.

Every Tuesday I also enjoyed logging into Facebook and following their free online live workouts. I absolutely love this and would recommend it to anyone that was thinking of sighing up to results with Lucy. You can check out there Facebook page Here

Results with Lucy also offer a bank full of healthy and delicious recipes to keep you on track. I loved been able to choose a healthy meal or snack, and having the full recipe just a click away in my profile. My favourite meal I tried was the guilt free Thai green curry. I also loved the coconut monkey ball receipe, which I shared on my blog. If you are interested in checking out this healthy snack click Here

My personal goals I wanted to achieve through this programme was to become stronger, leaner and more defined. I felt I needed this programme to kick start my butt into gear, if I wanted to get my summer body ready. I still feel there is room for improvement (is anyone ever truly happy?) but I am self-satisfied with the results I am seeing so far and I am feeling more confident. I feel my clothes fit me better and I have so much more energy. I think I would like to sign up for the new beach body workout programme next. This is a new programme just added. Slipping into a bikini doesn’t seem as scary as it once did back in January.



To see all their plans that they offer, from beginner to intermediate to advance. Check out their website Here




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