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January 4, 2016

First post of 2016! Happy New year.

I posted some selfies during the Christmas holidays on my instagram. I was surprised to receive so many emails with questions asking about my makeup. I am in no way a makeup artist nor do I claim to be. I just really enjoy makeup and beauty products. I like to share products that I love and what works for me.


My makeup style

I like my make up to be fresh and natural. I don’t usually wear any heavy or dark eyeshadows. If I do wear eyeshadows I will stick to neutral tones like the shades in my Pippa Palette or my 26 neutral palette from Crown Makeup. I like my eyebrows to be shaped nice, tidy and big. I keep them maintained by having them threaded. I had eyelash extensions applied just before the Christmas, so I have not been wearing any mascara ( besides just a little on the bottom lashes). With the rest of my makeup being quite natural, I do like to add a pop of colour by adding a lipstick. I always find it helps me look a little more polished without really putting in that much effort.


What is inside my makeup bag this month?

Vichy Dermablend foundation. I love this foundation! I have been using it for about two years. It is a double wear foundation. It corrects any redness and hides any skin blemishes. I find it great for concealing any dark circles under my eyes; perfect for days I am just too tired to function!( coffee can only do so much!) I don’t feel a need to wear concealer when I wear this foundation. If you would like to read more about this foundation, check out my post I did on ‘My favourite foundations’ HERE



Blusher, Bronzer and Highlighter

I wear Mac Blush in the shade sweet sentiment. I think the perfect dupe for this blusher is the blush shade Pipsy in the Pippa Palette.

I use Mac bronzer in the shade Golden to achieve a light contour.

My sister gave me this beautiful highlighter for Christmas. Mac soft and gentle. It gives you subtle dewy glow. For me, It has lived up to the hype and has quickly become my favourite highlighter.



Call me crazy – but I like my eyebrows to look like hair and not slugs on my forehead πŸ˜†( so I stay clear of eyebrow gels) I first like to fill them in and shape my eyebrows using an eyebrows pencil by Catrice Cosmetics. I adore the pencil, and since I only get a week out of an eyebrow pencil πŸ™ˆ ( I pear it super sharp) It helps that it is budget friendly. I then fill in my eyebrows with an eyebrow powder also from Catrice Cosmetics. I just cant fault their eyebrow products. LOVE THEM!



I like to add colour here. The lipstick shades I find myself reaching to use most often at the moment are Mac in the shades Snob ( a light pink ) Viva Glam ( a nude shade) and All fired up ( a mix between a red and pink shade)


Voila! That’s pretty much it. Takes me 15 mins in the morning. ( with the most time spent on my eyebrows πŸ™ˆ ) ready for the day ahead.

FullSizeRender (8)

If any of these products are also appearing in your makeup bag this month, please comment below I would love to hear your favourites or if you want to recommend a product you think I would like.

Jade x


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