I have to admit to hating the feeling of dry or chapped lips. I am known to having two maybe, three lip balms stashed away in my handbag. I am always keen to try out new types and new brands. I became obsessed with a new lip balm that not only keeps my lips moisturized but also plumps them too! It seemed to good to be true!
I was skeptical but willing to give it a go.
It has a super soft feeling that does not leave my lips feeling sticky. The balm is lightweight and moisturising. It glides on smoothly with a refreshing sensation. Gone are the days of the early noughties lip plumping gloss that had an intense burning sensation with very little pay off. This new innovative Lip Plumping Balm will make your lips come alive with more softness and a hint of colour. In the picture below I applied the Lip Plumping Balm to the right hand side of my lips and I was shocked by the difference. It can be worn on its own for plumped looking lips with a hint of colour or applied under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss as a protection base coat.

Shop plumping Lip BalmFor product info  send me an email – bigbrowsmessyhair@gmail.com

Thanks so much for stopping by. Jade xxx

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