In my most recent blog post I spoke about skincare – hydrating, protecting and targeting anti aging. I gave a run down through my night time skin care routine and mentioned that I am using a serum. I purposely did not want to mention it one or two sentences as I thought it deserved it’s very own blog post, dedicated purely to the magic that is, Elizabeth Arden’s Retinol Ceramide Capsules.

I recently visited the Elizabeth Arden counter in Shaws Department store in the Crescent Shopping center in Limerick. Firstly the woman working for Elizabeth Arden was extremely knowledgeable about skincare. Did you know that Elizabeth Arden have a skin scanner that can look beyond the surface of your skin. By measuring your skin’s moisture, texture, radiance/ brightness, pigmentation and elasticity. Elizabeth Arden’s skin scanner can let you know exactly what products will work best for you and what will work best to improve your skin. I was fascinated by this and needed to share it with you. It is also completely free of charge to have your skin tested!

Retinol Ceramide Capsules
I have been using Retinol Ceramide capsules for nearly a month now. I began to see an improvement in my skin pretty much straight away. After week one I was hooked! Lets just say the hype is very much real and they definitely live up to the high expectations.

After one week I was hooked.

What are they?
These capsules are filled with a luxurious, lightweight, semi translucent serum that combines two of the biggest names in skincare. Retinol – which is clinically proven to be a wrinkle smoother and Ceramides that are moisture – boosting. They are sealed for freshness in a capsule that is the perfect amount for each application. So you do not waste a drop. They are in capsule form because the sun breaks down the powerful properties of the retinol so keeping them sealed like this means the product is always fresh.

I like to warm it on my fingertips gently before applying it to my skin and neck in upward motions. This serum is never sticky or tacky and absorbs into your skin completely. I have already begun to notice a difference to the texture of my skin and also to the tone. I have always had enlarged pores and I have noticed that they now look so much more smaller and tighter already. My skin feels very smooth and also brighter.

I have become totally obsessed with these Retinol Ceramide capsules that I cannot wait to remove my makeup in the evenings. They have also made me curious to the whole Elizabeth Arden brand. This is my first product from Elizabeth Arden and I am completely blown away. I now want to indulge myself into trying some more of their award winning skin care and beauty products and of course I will report back. One thing that is for sure I will defiently be repurchasing these Retinol Ceramide capsules. They have become a permanent fixture in my beauty regime.

Elizabeth Arden is available in Shaws Department store and online.

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