How to nail the all year round glow | Tan Cream

I am sitting down to write in front of an open fire, cradling a mug a hot tea, oh the darker evenings are definitely back!!! As the colder months are approaching I like to take this time to not only transition my wardrobe but my beauty bag too. You will begin to see a lot more deeper shades and rich tones in my everyday makeup. Along with the colder months, comes layering clothes, ( which I believe is an art form in itself.) There is a lot less skin on display so I tend to take a step back from my weekly tanning regime unless I am going to an event of some sort. I like to keep my skin glowing and healthy in the winter months whilst adding a subtle bronze to my skin.

Tan cream is the product I have been waiting for! It is designed to keep skin glowing and healthy looking throughout the year whilst also protecting it from harmful UV rays. It has been created by cancer survivor, Gillian Robson, with a team of Doctors and Cosmetic professionals. Tan cream is a blend of sunscreen and a sunless tanning agent that creates an innovative luxury face and body lotion that offers SPF 50 protection, a superior self tan, a tint of natural bronzer and heaps of moisturizing properties – all in one bottle.

Tan cream is the product I have been waiting for!

After my shower I like to apply Tan Cream to dry skin. It melts into my skin effortlessly allowing me to get dressed pretty much straight away. It has an instant bronzing tint that gives me an immediate, natural looking glow. I like to think of this as my tanning lotion but also my moisturizer.

I will re apply Tan Cream throughout the week to allow it to build up and produce a long lasting healthy glow. Tan cream is also fragrance free and odor free. No honestly! Often when I see tanning products claim to be ‘Fragrance free I am giving them the side eye 😒 but I can vouch for Tan Cream being 100% fragrance free and odor free.

As I have grown older I have become much more aware of the damage the sun can cause. Now I do not tend to focus my holiday around sun bathing or getting a tan. I much prefer to apply a self tan before a holiday and top it up while I am there. This always meant I would then apply sunscreen on to my skin over my tan continually throughout my holidays. I am looking forward to packing Tan cream into my suitcase for my next travels. It will allow me to build a gradual tan whilst protecting my skin, which I think is such an innovating and fantastic idea.

Innovating and fantastic idea.

I love that this is also one of the best moisturisers I have ever used. It leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth, soft and hydrated. Tan cream is the perfect way to achieve a year long summer glow while safely protecting your skin!

Check out them out online here – Tancream

Find their stocklist below. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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