Bperfect Cosmetics |The Carnival Palette

Bperfect cosmetics have teamed up with makeup Artist Stacey Marie to release the Carnival palette. My go to palette for the past six months has been the Bperfect cosmetic palette in collaborations with Louise McDonnell; so I was very excited to get my hands on their newest palette. The carnival palette is a collection of eye shadows, shimmers and glows. This palette scares me and excites me all at the same time. This palette has 24 vibrant eye shadows and two shades of highlight.

I am not known for stepping to far away from my neutral eye shadow comfort zone, So I was a little taken back on my first impressions of this palette. There is no denying the beauty of this palette. The shades are truly memorizing. If you tend to be adventurous with your makeup you will definitely have some fun with these shades. From Fuchsia Pinks to Sky Blues to Burnt Orange this palette has you covered. After further inspection I noticed that not only does this palette have exceptional beautiful neutral shades but it also has some deep toned purples and greens that excited me.

The carnival palette has made me feel excited about makeup again.

It’s not often I get too excited about eye shadows but this palette has me dipping my toe into the wild side….. And I love it. Each shade is dimensional in colour, showing an array of different tones and shimmers. I love how pigmented these shades are making application easy. No need to build up layer after layer. It blends into your eye effortlessly making it really easy to buff and blend.

I have created three different looks using this palette to show just how versatile the carnival palette really is. The first look I created using more of the neutral tones. My favorite neutral shades in this palette are Naked, Basic and Rowdy. My favorite neutrals with an added sparkle is Hush and Queeny.

The second look I have created is a smokey night time look with some Green and Teal undertones. For this look I used the shades Basic as my base, with shade Envy and for added sparkle the shade Breezy.

The third look I have created my Halloween look. Using the shades Guilty on my left eye and the shade Recharge on my right eye to create this Harley Quinn Jester inspired makeup.

From day, to night to partayyy!

The carnival palette is a versatile palette that will leave you wanting to try out new looks. I am most definitely not a makeup Artist, I just enjoy makeup, so dont feel intimidated by the shades. If I can create three completely different looks using one palette anyone can!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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