Halloween for me has always brought back so many fond memories from my childhood. We always had little Halloween parties in my house and invited all the kids from the street. We did the usual trick ‘N’ treating and played some good old fashioned Halloween games. The costumes have come a long way since my childhood which usually consisted of a black bin liner, fake blood and plastic witch fingers. ( I think every Irish child had these witch fingers at some stage in their childhood.) πŸ™Š

As I have grown older Autumn has remained a very special season for me. I love the build up to Halloween, the Autumn leaves, the open fire, the crisp air. I have kept my Mums Halloween traditions alive and enjoy reliving them with Dylan. Dylan in the past has found it hard to dress up due to sensory issues, but that has never stopped him trick ‘N’ treating and getting involved in the Halloween activities and games. With each passing year Dylan becomes more and more adventurous with his Halloween costume. This year Dylan picked out a skeleton Jester costume which he thought looked β€˜β€™so cool and scary!’’

Skeleton Jester Costume
Dylan’s costume came with a multi coloured trousers and top which is very comfortable for him to wear and of course the iconic Jester hat. Dylan has not ventured into face paints just yet due to sensory issues, but even without face paints this costume looks the part and is perfect for any halloween party. This skeleton Jester costume is made with comfortable and flexible material that will allow Dylan to jump, tumble and roll his way through the Halloween activities without having to worry about damaging it.
Dylan may give out to me when he is older for this, but for right now he is happy to go with the flow of Mummy and Son Halloween costumes and I am loving every minute of it.

Check out Dylan’s costume here – Skeleton Jester

Sinister Jester Costume
To match Dylan’s costume I choose the Sinister Jester costume. This multi toned costume includes a black and red toned jumpsuit with a collar and a cute hairband style hat. This cute Harley Quinn inspired costume is extremely comfortable to wear. Gone are the days of super short – short Halloween costumes from my early twenties ( that lets face it were not very scary.) In its place I have replaced it with a snazzy jumpsuit which is perfect to join Dylan out trick N treating and joining in on the Halloween games. Dylan loves that I get involved in the Halloween fun.

Check out my Costume here – Sinister Jester

Propshopper.ie is an Irish company that stocks Halloween costumes for Men, Woman and kids, decorations for your home and an array of face paints and Halloween makeup. Use my personalized code BIGBROWSMESSYHAIR to receive 10% off your order.
Now pass me a pumpkin spiced latte and let me press play on Hocus Pocus. I am totally ready to begin the Halloween festivities.

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

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