Say hello to the world’s 1st tanning glove! This gLove is designed to feel velvety soft and to make it easier to reach every area, from your fingers to your toes. Usually tanning mitts are shaped well,,, like a mitten. While the gLove is designed like a five finger tanning glove.

The world’s 1st tanning gLove.

This gLove gets into all of those hard to reach areas.

  • Between fingers
  • Nose and face
  • Between toes

These areas tend to be a little tricky to tan with a mitt. As it can be hard to apply tan evenly. The five finger gLove allows you the flexibility to apply tan to these areas to look as natural as possible.

Show your tan some extra love.
This gLove is velvety soft which gives your tan a HD contour finish. It allows for a streak free application and better yet it is machine washable. Inside the gLove feels super spongy on my palm. This thick foam like insulation stops any tan that may seep in. I absolutely love that this gLove features a thick elastic wrist band. This keeps the gLove in place and stops it from creasing upon application.
Any self acclaimed self tanning expert needs a gLove in their tanning routine. You will wonder how you ever applied tan without it.

Check out The €9.95

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