The Festival of Curiosity invited us to attend the Family show, Bubbles at the National Concert Hall in Dublin at the weekend. This award winning show has toured 37 countries and was awarded – The best European Bubble Artists. The Artists Marco Zoppi and Rolanda perform a beautifully magical bubbley show that will awaken your senses.


This show was very interactive. The crowd have the feeling of being apart of the show. It brought us on a journey into Art, Science and of course the magic of bubbles. Dylan was amazed by them creating gigantic bubbles and even brought one lucky child on to the stage to be put inside a bubble! Dylan loved that he could reach out and grab them.

They created bubbles that you never knew even existed – smoke bubbles, levitating bubbles, invisible bubbles, galaxies made of bubbles and even bouncing bubbles.


The whole show was truly magical. The whimsical music played throughout the show brought a sense of a charming fairy – tale feel to it. The show ended with two gigantic balls been thrown into the crowd which the kids went crazy for and ahem,, even some of the parents.



If you are lucky enough to catch this Bubble show while it is touring, I would definitely recommend it for a fun family day out. Bubbles The Show will enlighten your child’s imagination with amusement and leave them feeling flabbergasted.



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