This blog post is my braces cleaning routine and how I am keeping my teeth white while wearing braces, but firstly let me give you a little update into how I am doing so far.
I am into my third month and I am really beginning to see big changes in my teeth already. I can’t believe how straight they have become so soon. If you click on my highlight video on Instagram – β€˜Braces’ you will be able to see my teeth from the very beginning of my journey to now. The results so far are really amazing and friends and family are all noticing it too.

In my last appointment I had two teeth removed from either side on the top of my mouth to allow more room for my teeth to straighten. My Medical Clinic have made my whole braces experience so far as relaxed as it can be and dare I say enjoyable. The dentists are sharing my excitement with me at every visit making me feel very enthusiastic and motivated to hang in there and keep going. Let’s be honest having braces applied or any dental work carried out is never going to be a walk in the park, so it is very important to feel comfortable with your dentist. I have complete confidence in my Doctor J. Cabrera at My Medical and I know I am in good hands.
Doctor J. Cabrera has commented on how well I am keeping on top of my dental hygiene. What I am doing is clearly working for me, so I thought I would share it with you guys. Dental Hygiene is one the most commonly asked questions I get.

Let me tell you since having braces my dental hygiene has completely changed. I do an intense cleaning in the morning and night. After meals I usually just do a quick brush and rinse.

So let’s get started

For brushing my teeth I like to use my electric Sonic toothbrush. I love that this toothbrush is compact which is needed if you have braces. This makes it easy to pop into my handbag and take on the go with me. I have been using this tooth brush for months and I love it. I simply switch the head of the toothbrush every few weeks and it’s like brand new. The batteries will also last you ages before they need to be replaced.

I then use a colgate toothpaste that has NO WHITENING properties. I have cut out all teeth whitening products while I am wearing braces. The reason for this is, if you are using whitening properties on your teeth while you have braces on – once your braces are removed you will be left with little squares on your teeth that have not been whitened. (Which is not a good look and apparently super hard to reverse the damge.) This is the original colgate toothpaste which ironically can be difficult to find.

I then use these little piksters. I apply a small amount of toothpaste onto the bristles and brush in between each bracket. This just gets right into all the hard to reach places and removes any extra food particles that may have been lodge in my braces. ( Not very attractive I know πŸ™ˆ but if you are wearing braces you will know what I mean.) I pick these up in my local pharmacy and supermarket.

Water Flosser
I have to admit I love flossing, but once I got my braces applied it became impossible. You need to thread it through each bracket individually and believe me, it’s time consuming.

Enter the water flosser.

I didn’t want to neglect my gums so after some research I kept coming across the water flosser. It is so simple and easy to use. I fill it up with lukewarm water and set the pressure. For me I like to use the pressure mode – soft. I simple then go ahead around all of my gums as I would if I was flossing. It feels like a little power hose for my mouth and I love the feeling. It leaves my entire mouth feeling super clean and fresh. If you are having trouble with string flossing with or without braces, I would definitely recommend the Water Flosser. My only tip is, if you have had any teeth removed or dental work carried out, be very careful with your water flosser. Wait for your mouth to heal before using it again. I picked mine up from Amazon. They have a wide range of water flossers to choose from, with all different prices to suit your budget.

I then go in with a soft bristle toothbrush on top and at an angle to get under and on top of the brace. I feel like this step just cleans the brackets throughout.
Lastly I like to use a mouth wash. My favourite is this original colgate mouthwash with once again no whitening properties.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Check out My Dental at their My Medical Clinic – Cherrywood

6 thoughts on “***Braces update*** |Braces cleaning routine |My Medical Clinic

  1. I just got my braces off after 3 years! It’s exciting. Any reason why you use the water floss instead of actual floss? Water flossing may be easier but it’s not as good as actual floss. I’ve been working in Dental for 6.5 years and I see that many people don’t realize that.


    1. I am so excited now that I am beginning to really see results πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š I actually miss flossing so much the usual way. πŸ˜” As soon as my braces are off I plan on going back to the original way. I just can’t seem to be able to get the floss through the brackets and when I do it takes 20 mins plus. I didn’t want to neglect my gums so the water flosser makes it possible for me to take care of my gums while I have my braces on.

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      1. Yes I tried that too but I still found it so hard πŸ™ˆ Maybe once my teeth started straightening it might make it easier. I’ll keep trying I think, definitely want a nice healthy smile at the end ❀

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