Haircare, where does a girl begin? I am obsessed with hair care. I love mixing up my hair regime every few months so my hair does not become accustomed to products.
My hair reaps the benefits by introducing it to new products, with new ingredients with new benefits. For the past month I have been loving L’oreal hair products, from their shampoo to the hair masks to their styling range, but today’s blog post will be shining a spotlight on their new organic all natural collection – Source Essentielle.

Daily Shampoo
L’Oreal pride themselves on having, nothing to hide, and are happy to share everything! This shampoo is infused with acacia leaves and aloe essence. It is all natural and vegan with 80% of naturally derived ingredients. This formula does not contain animal derived ingredients or by-product. It is free from silicone which means it will not strip your hair of any natural ingredients. This shampoo smells amazing!! My hair absorbs the nutrients from this shampoo and leaves it feeling extremely hydrated and light. Giving it the perfect base ready to style.

Good for the environment:
This bottle can be refilled directly in select salons up to 3 times to save the equivalent of the weight of a bottle every three refills hence a 30% reduction of plastic used.

Go to your salon locator to find your closest shampoo bar.

Radiance Balm
This balm soaks into my hair acting like a deep intense conditioner. Anyone that highlights their hair will know the ongoing struggle to achieve any sort of shine to bleached or colored hair. This balm gives my hair radiance, shine and lustre. This balm is infused with Ficus Carica fruit/ leaf extract – fig fruit. This is the super conditioning ingredients sourced from the Fig Pulp.

    Nourishing Balm
    This is my holy grail of hair masks. It boosts nutrition up to 64%. It has a baby powder nostalgic scent that I simply adore. The masks only needs 5 – 10 mins to work its magic, but on days I have a little bit more time, I love to lather it into my hair and leave it for as long as possible. It transforms my hair, leaving it feeling silkier and stronger.

    Source Essentille is apart of the L’Oreal professional collection. It is available from select hair salons. Find a salon close to you that stocks L’Oreal Professional products.

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