Last week I chatted about the newest tanning trend ‘ The darker shades’ so it only seems fair to also share my favourite products for creating a more flawless natural tan too. Different occasions, different outfits and different times of the year can all play a part in my tanning routine. For example I was a bridesmaid for my sisters weddings last month in the Castlemartyr hotel. For this occasion I wanted to keep my tan very natural while still adding a healthy glow to my skin.

My favourite products for creating a healthy glow to my skin is Palmer’s Natural Bronze. This is a gradual tan that suits all skin types. It builds and maintains a natural looking tan. It is infused with coconut oil and vitamin E and there are no harsh chemicals used.

  • No parabens
  • No mineral oil
  • No Phthalates
  • No Dyes

It smells delicious

It really feels like a treat for your skin. It is extremely moisturizing and smells incredible!!! It uses a skin friendly vegetable based tanning ingredient sourced from sugar beets to give your skin a truly natural bronzed tan all year round.

It’s all about the base
To create the best base for your skin to develop the tan it is important, to buff your skin and to smooth it out. Palmer’s coconut body scrub is made using raw coconut sugar and fair trade coconut oil. This scrub smells just as good as the moisturizer. It has a rich coconut scent infused with mint. These raw ingredients deliver luxuriously rich moisturization to your skin. I love how pampered my skin feels after I use it. It exfoliates and polishes while locking in moisture and softening my skin.

It is formulated with ethically and sustainable sourced ingredients.

Unlike other gradual tanning lotions that may take a few applications before you see results, with Palmer’s you will see results after your first application. It is also long lasting. I had a beautiful natural tan all weekend for my sister’s wedding celebrations.

I like to apply this at night and let it develop overnight. To maintain my natural glow, I will apply this Natural Bronze body lotion 3-4 times a week. I also find Palmers a great way of keeping my skin glowing inbetween self tan or spray tan applications.

Palmer’s is great option for Summer brides and bridesmaids that may want to give their skin that healthy glow with a natural tan. Or for anyone that likes to maintain a healthy glow all year round without having to use a self tanning mousse etc

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Palmer’s is available in most Supermarkets, Boots and pharmacies nationwide.

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