The newest craze to hit the tanning market this season is of course the ULTRA DARK shades. When I first seen this my mind went racing right back to early 00s to my overly tangoed days. When I was a little heavy handed with the tan shall we say; But,,,, then what kind of a self acclaimed beauty blogger with I be if I didn’t give all new products equal treatment, right?

Bellamianta ULTRA DARK self tanning mousse
I got my hands on the ULTRA DARK self tanning mousse by Bellamianta, which is a luxury tanning brand. I have used the original mousse before and I loved the results so I was interested to see what the difference would be really like.
Bellamianta promise –

Everything you love about our mousse…. But darker!

Bellamianta is busting with natural extracts so it is suitable for all skin types including dry skin. The ultra smart hydration system ensures that while the tan dries in 60 seconds, the light formula is still working to hydrate the skin ensuring that the tan wears off evenly.

I love tanning like Kanye loves Kanye!!

I prepared my skin for the tan application the same as usual. I liked to use a deep body scrub to remove any dry skin, old tan and to generally give my skin a smooth base to apply my fresh tan. I always like to then add a light moisturizer to my body concentrating on my knees, elbows and ankles.

The best self tan is the one people don’t notice!

As this is an ultra dark shade, I only needed to apply one single layer. Using a golf ball size amount starting at my feet and working up over my entire body. Bellamianta tan gives a light instant tan which makes it easy to apply. Bellamianta luxury tanning mousse use odor neutralizing technology which means no horrid fake tan smell. I like to apply mine at night so I can let it develop overnight.

Once developed – First impressions
In the morning I could notice a difference straight away. I was super dark, but thankfully not in a Ross Gellar kind of way. I jumped into the shower to rinse off any remaining tan. I always find this evens my tan out that little bit better, eliminating any streaks. I was left with a deep olive tone to my skin that made me look healthy, refreshed and sunkissed.

My thoughts on the ULTRA DARK tan trend

Firstly I was asked numerous of times what tan I was wearing. I got so many compliments on it, people seemed genuinely shocked when I said it was from the ULTRA DARK range. Everyone said it was dark but looked so natural. I think the name ( ultra dark) may scare some people off or give the wrong impression because even I myself was unsure about this trend at first. Secondly I noticed I got much longer out of my tan before it started to fade. I would say I got to day 6 before I noticed any fading. Lastly I was surprised by how evenly it did fade. I like to keep my skin moisturized over my tan and I couldn’t believe how long it lasted.

I would definitely recommend Bellamianta if you want to try out the Ultra Dark tan trend. Just remember it is a darker shade than their usual mousse so don’t go to crazy lashing on layers. 😉

Check out Bellamianta Ultra dark self tanning HERE

Thanks for stopping by.

Jade xxx

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