Its officially wedding party season! I am super excited to be a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding in June. We celebrated her hen party in style glamping in Doolin. We gave her a great send off and she is now ready to offically become Mrs.

So I thought I’d put together my list of tips that I picked up along the way to help celebrate your bride-to-be.

Now, keep in mind that every bride and every hen party is different. However, these are a few golden rules to stick to, no matter what the specifics are.

Here we go…

Its all about the bride
The absolute, most important rule to any Hen party is you are celebrating a very special bride-to-be, and this weekend is all about her. If you want to have a happy bride-to-be, keep the weekend about her. Choose the activities and themes you know she will enjoy.

Hen party committee

Assign a hen party committee from the get go. In our case it was the two bridesmaids and one of my sister’s closest friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ive not been to many hen parties, so having someone on the committee to guide us was very much appreciated. we could give each other different jobs to do and share the responsibilities such as picking up different bits and pieces, emailing and confirming details and sorting the group funds.

Location location location

In the early stages of planning, picking the location was the first thing we did. We searched online for different hen party destinations. We knew we were staying in Ireland, so it was vital the area would be acomadating for group parties. It was also important that there was activities in the area for us. We stayed in a luxury glamping site in Doolin. The canvas roof tents fit 2 double beds, a gas and electric heater. Two chairs, beanbags, trunks and drawers to keep our belongings in and most importantly sockets for us to charge our phones and plug in our hot hair tools.

Social Media Savy
You’ll want to be extra careful when Instagramming over a hen party weekend. Hen parties can get a bit wild (depending on who you’re with and who you’re celebrating), and some of the photos you take should never see the light of day. (And we definitely had a few of them!) Just make sure to get approval from the rest of the hen party before you post/tweet/etc.

Dress code
First, it’s customary for the bride-to-be to wear white, so unless you’re the bride to be, leave your white-on-white ensembles at home. We all opted to wear black dresses on the first night with our flower crowns and my sister wore a white dress.


After we had our location down, we did our research on the different activities that was available to us in the area. From Island hoping on the bumpest boat ever, to biking around one of the Aran islands to endless pits of champagne. We did it all. We also played some of our own games and I have never laughed so much.

Check out Pinterest for some different Hen party game ideas.

Party bags

We put together small party bag for all the girls on the hen. We filled the bags with bits and pieces. Everything from flower crowns to #henfest wristbands and selfie props, to bags of sweets and not forgetting some much needed paracentmol!

We picked up our goodie bags and all the little extra pieces such as balloons and ivory and bunting to decorate the brides tent from The hen planner

Sticking with our Hen fest theme we also had sunflower cupcakes and pastry buns for everyone to have with there champagne on arrival.


Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. We DIY-ed this flower frame for selfies that went with our festival theme. We had so much fun making it, along with a few bloopers.( One being stapling it straight on to the floor! 😂)

Have fun!!

Don’t forget to have fun. It can be stressful planning a wedding and a hen party weekend gives the bride time to unwind from all the planning and to spend time with her friends. Laugh till you tummy hurts all the while sipping on champagne. What more could you ask for? Before you know it will be all over so savour every moment.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory

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