Tunetoo is a French website that bring designers from all over France together and gives them the platform to share and create their unique designs. Everything on the website can be be completely custom designed to your personal choice. Everything down to the type of clothing, accessories or home ware. You can choose the colours, slogans and even if you choose to have something engraved. This is the perfect website to let your creative juices flow while adding some unique pieces to your wardrobe.

I chose three different pieces from Tunetoon that caught my eye for their distinctive,and one of a kind designs. Check them out below.

Carpe Diem €34.90
This pale pink jumper has the slogan Carpe Diem on it. I had been on the hunt for a pink slogan jumper since I spotted Holly Willoughby rocking a similar one. This jumper is super soft and comforting on the skin, as it is 100% cotton. Tunetoon has a wide range of different shades to choose from and different slogans. It also gives you the choice to design your own jumper with a personal slogan, which I think would also make a perfect personalized gift. These cute jumpers look great paired over jeans for a comfortable look or taking fashion inspo from Holly and styled over a skirt for a more chic look.

Cute… but psycho €22.90
This cute tee was quite popular on my instagram. Sometimes it’s good to have a little laugh and to not take ourselves too serious. A crisp one tee is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe as they are so versatile. The added slogan is just a bonus! This can be worn in the day casual or like me perfect to pair over a mini skirt for a night time look.

Love on the brain €50.00
Who doesn’t love a soft bathrobe? I choose the timeless white style with the slogan love on the brain stitched on the left hand side. This bathrobe is 100% microfiber cotton making it soft and absorbent. It features a shawl collar and belt. This is perfect for anyone who loves to feel pampered and relaxed after getting out of a hot bubble bath or shower.

Check out Tunetoo

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