Large rain droplets plopped onto the window pain. The heating is on full blast, Dylan and myself cosied up indoors after school in favour of keeping warm and dry. Turning off all devices and getting our imaginations going and creativity flowing with Architecture -inspired buildings kits by Arckit, the award winning Irish brand.

There is no dening the sleek packaging is effortlessly beautiful. Upon opening you are greated by the words Faílte in large writing with a splash of the word welcome in an array of different languages.

Arckit launched in 2014, dubbed as the Lego or reality Micecraft. The idea behide Arckit has opened up the world of architecture to more people than ever before. Say hello to Tiny town kits and Cityscape kits. Dylan loves the freedom to be creative. He loved that The Tiny towns allow him to build anything from football stadiums to sprawling metroplis. Dylan liked that he did not need to follow an instruction maual and could design, how he please. Arckit PLAY not only stimulates creativity but also helps refine kids Science, Technolgy, Engineering and Math skills too. This gave Dylan and myself a moment to simply stop and to just enjoy each others company, as it gave Dylan the flexibity to be creative, through errorless learning.

Creative through errorless learning.

This is such an uniquely creative learning toy to add to any Santa List. My son loved building a creation, taking it apart brick by brick and than building a complete different design. The architecture construction is limitlessly to your child’s creativity.

Made in Ireland, Arckit is availble worldwide, including Harrods, The Conran store, B8TA, The Tot, Barnes and Noble US, moM & Guggenheim New York, Easons, Art & Hobby, Arnotts and many more.


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