I love beauty, but I guess that is pretty obvious as my blog is dominated by beauty, whether that be makeup or skin care. I have to admit in a Instagram world that is dictated by dramatic flicks and daring eye shadows, It’s no wonder It can be intimidating to post images of my my ammateur makeup skills. When it comes to makeup I tend to not follow styles or trends and I like to march to beat of my own drum. I usually stick to simply eyes using neutral shades with not too much fuss.

Christmas brings everything that sparkles and more. There is no denying there is something really fun about festive makeup. Whether you are opting to wear a bold red lip or adding some sparkle to your eyes, creating a new look can transform how you feel. It can lift your spirits and give you confidence you didn’t know existed. I have fallen utterly head over heels in love with the Flawless collection. It has brought out the Mua that was hidden inside of me.. Who knew?

I came I saw I contoured.

Flawless Cream and Powder Contour Palette €12.99
Contouring does not need be difficult. Flawless have launched their new cream and powder contour palettes. If you prefer to contour using cream products, Flawless have a palette dedicated to 10 beautiful cream shades. With shades to suit a wide range of skin types. With the lightest shades featuring beige and yellow undertones while the darker shades feature a red and bronzed undertones. I have to admit to loving powder contouring so I was eager to give cream contouring a try.

I absolutely loved how the creamy texture melted into my skin effortlessly, making blending super fast and easy. Using the cream to contour – snatched my cheekbones and gave me more of a defined finished look. If you like a matte finish it is easy to contour using the powder over the cream to create a matte finish. Otherwise you can leave the cream as it is for a dewy look.

You also have the option to pick up their cream and powder palette which can take you from day to night from a subtle to dramatic look. This palette contains 10 shades. Five cream shades and five powder shades. Each shade blends effortlessly with one another, making contouring super simply. I opt to use powder for day time wear and cream in the evening so I love that this palette gives me the option of both.

Eyeshadow and highlighter palettes.

Natural Basics €19.95
If I was designing a palette this would be the style I would love to create. It features a magnetic closure, and also a compact mirror inside. This palette has 10 eyeshadows. It is pretty much my idea of neutral heaven! It has a wide range selection from milky latte shades to darker shimmering shades like, midnight hour. It also has a black shade called blackout, perfect for lining your eyes. This palette also features 4 highlighting shades that can also be used as eyeshadows if you like. From highlighting blush shades to golden bronzed shades. I have fallen in love with the highlight shade HoneyLust. It gives me that Instagram worthy highlight.

It gives me that Instagram worthy highlight.

Smokey Palette €19.95
The smokey palette also contains 10 eyeshadows to choose from. This palette has a mixture of some neutral shades, to olive green shades to smokey black shades. This palette also features four highlighting shades that can be used as blush, eyeshadow or to highlight. I love that all of these shades blend effortlessly with one another. It makes it super easy to pick and choose what shades to use. This has really helped to grow my confidence with my makeup skills. I used the smokey palette to create the look below. When I shared it on snapchat, I was asked did I get my makeup done? I was really chuffed with myself that you guys really seemed to like it and thought it was professionally done.

Flawless Professional Brush Set €49.95
This brush set would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone that is beginning their brush collection or anyone that is a self proclaimed MUA. To be honest I often buy makeup brushes not really knowing what that brush is technically used for. I end up using the brush where ever it seems fit, which I’m sure is fine but it would be nice to know. It can be hard to keep track these days when we have so many brushes. I love that this set has all their brushes labelled making it super easy to use. The design of these brushes are once again very much my style. I feel like this Flawless collection is sleek and chic. It features white brush handles which I adore and a mix between dark and white bristles. They are incredibly soft and make applying my makeup very easy. They buff my makeup to give me a flawless finish. (Ahem excuse the pun.) This brush set comes in a very stylish faux leather style clutch bag. This is such a good idea to keep your brush collection safe and protected without being too bulky or taking up too much room on your dressing table or in a handbag.

This set contains

  • Defined Buffer
  • Sheer Cheek
  • Fan
  • Smudger
  • Crease
  • Soft Definer
  • Pencil
  • Smoky Shader
  • Face Curve
  • Powder
  • Face Paint
  • Concealer Buffer
  • Spot Liner
  • Wing Liner
  • Brow Line.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope this might have given you some confidence to try a new makeup look or to maybe take a step out of your comfort zone.

    Flawless Ireland is availble in pharmacies nationwide. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook

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