It is well and truly Winter. November has brought a fresh cold bite to the air. November is a very special month to me as it is Dylan Birth month, having just celebrated Dylan’s 6th birthday last week I am feeling very nostalgic. I know it’s a cliche but I cannot comprehend that Dylan is now six. The time really does fly. With every birthday that passes a part of me wishes I could press the stop button and hold on to my little boy a little longer. While another part of me is enlivened to be able to watch Dylan grow up into this very handsome and kind hearted little gentleman. Todays blog post has me longingly remembering back to Dylan’s very first days. It’s the little things you miss most. The little noises he would make, the fresh baby scent and how gentle his skin would feel with every kiss on his forehead.  It’s crazy how a scent can open the flood gate to so many memories that just come rushing back.

Ziaja is an affordable family friendly brand I continually use on  myself and Dylan. The Ziaja Baby collection is created to gently care for your baby’s skin from top to bottom. It is meticulously formulated to naturally protect your little ones delicate skin keeping it soft and healthy. I use Ziaja products as part of Dylan’s daily skincare regime – during and after bathing, for moisturising and soothing.

Ziaja baby products are dermatologically and allergy tested, with a neutral PH and tear free formulas that are colourant – free, soap free and SLES – free. 100% gentle and nurturing goodness for babies skin with a gentle baby fragrance that you will love. Ziaja baby range is priced from €2.49 to €6.50 and you will not be disappointed with the product quantity or quality.

Creamy Bath Soap ( For 3 months old and above) 300ml €3.49

I have been using this creamy bath soap on Dylan for the past few weeks and I love it. It has a fresh baby powder scent that instantly brings me nostalgia memories of Dylan’s early days. It is a wash that is as gentle as water and is tear – free.  If feels super luxurious and moisturising on Dylan’s skin. It is infused with active ingredients such as natural corn syrup and provitamin B5. (An intensive moisturiser protecting the skin from excessive drying, reducing irritation and has a soothing and protective effect on tender skin.

Magic Kids Colourful Bath ( For 1 year and older) 400ML €5.99

This is a firm favourite in our house. Dylan loves these magical bath bubbles. This is a mild and gently bath wash that changes the colour of the water. Making bath time very fun. This soap free bath wash is specially formulated and PH balanced for sensitive baby skin.  It has a fun sweet scent to it, that adds to the fun surrounding bath time. It is infused with active ingredients  such as cotton extract, (derived from Gossypium herbaceum cotton seeds to sooth irritations and protect and perfectly moisturises the skin) and provitamin B5 ( D’Panthenol.)

Ziaja Baby Soothing Cream with D – Panthenol 60 ml €3.49

This soothing cream contains 10% D- Panthenol which treats baby rashes and areas of dry cracked skin on the baby that may need a little extra gentle care. This deeply  moisturising formula softens and nourishes babies delicate skin by creating a barrier to keep skin protected and hydrated. It is recommended for babies and kids aged one year plus ( and also great for adults suffering from skin irritations.) It is a nice size and shape for keeping in your baby bag or in your own handbag.

Ziaja Baby Diaper rash ointment (For newborns  and older.) 50ml €3.49

Although this is no longer needed for Dylan I can vividly remember the importance. This ointment quickly calms and soothes diaper rash discomfort and areas prone to redness. It is infused with soothing zinc oxide to effectively treat rash redness and skin irritations. It can be used as often and as necessary – with each nappy change. It is colourant free and dermatologist tested formula is recommended for newborns  babies and toddlers.

Ziaja offer quality skin care that is affordable. If you are looking to treat your skin to something a little more luxurious that what is available from your typical supermarkets collection,  Ziaja will not disappoint. I also love that Ziaja always pop in some generous samples to try out.

Ziaja is avaible online Shaws department stores and pharmacies nationwide.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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