Recently i’ve had my Gold Fever hair extensions removed after six months of wear. This was my first experience with bonded hair extensions and I have to say I loved it! Every day was a good hair day. They were easy to style and to maintain. They lasted the full six months with very little coming loose. The extensions themselves were still in perfect condition. The only reason I choose to have them removed was due to my natural hair growing and pushing the bond further down my hair. As this was my first experience with bonded hair extensions I wasn’t quite sure what to expect once they were removed. To my delight my hair has not been damaged and it just feels how it did prior to having my Gold Fever Hair extensions applied. ( Check out my Gold Fever hair extensions blog post ) I had my Hair extensions applied by Denise at Pelo Hairdressing. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Check out her salon

Now that my hair extensions are removed I will be switching up my haircare routine to inject a little TLC . When I was pregnant with Dylan I went back to my natural hair colour and really upped my hair care regime to promote healthier and stronger hair growth. I bought every shampoo, conditioner and magic potion. You name it I tried it. One product that really worked for me was switching my shampoo and conditioner to Mane ‘N Tail. This was seven years ago – and when I told people about this shampoo, everyone thought I was crazy as it was widely known to be used on horses. Mane ‘N Tail can be used on both horses and humans and no, it does not have any funny scent to it. I loved it so much that I had my sisters post me some to Lanzarote where I lived at the time. Any friends or family who came to visit me, had to bring me over Mane ‘N Tail products.

This exclusive micro – enriched protein formula leaves your hair feeling extremely soft and shiny. It gently cleanses without stripping natural oils. It is fortified with moisturizers and emollients that help to provide body, shine and manageability for healthy looking hair every time you shampoo.

I am loving this shampoo being back in my hair care routine. It is a brand I can depend on for the results I want. It is a brand and a product I continually return to use. Check them out here – ManeNtail Ireland Facebook

Thanks so much for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Mane ‘N Tail | Hair Care Update 

    1. Me too I heard years ago Scott Disick said on Keeping up with the Kardashians,that his mother used it in his hair as a child to make is stronger and healthier and khloe agreed! lol and its been my go to shampoo since lol


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