I am obsessed with hand creams. If you’re anything like me I have different hand creams stashed in every handbag I own. I like my hand creams to be scented, so it will instantly make me feel refreshed, hydrated, while awakening my senses.

I like to Keep a hand cream in my bag for multipurpose use. A tip I like to do when I am in a crowded area or an enclosed space and can’t spritz perfume, I like to apply a scented moisturizer to my hands and dab a small pea size amount behind my ears. It instantly adds a sweet scent to the air. In the colder months my hands can become dry so I also like to keep them soft, protected and moisturized. Applying a hand cream regular is also beneficial for more obvious reasons like aging.

Yope launched a new collection of hand creams to keep hands soft, smooth and supple. This range of natural hand creams are available in three unique fragrances : Ginger and Sandalwood, Tea and Mint, Salvia and Green Caviar.

These hand creams contain 98% natural or low processed ingredients, most of which are skin friendly oils and plant extracts.

A scent for everyone which is your favourite?

Ginger & Sandalwood

The ginger ingredient in this hand cream gives it a warm, oriental scent. It is designed to care for dry chapped skin. Containing high levels of nourishing olive oil and shea butter which are popular for their skin regenerating properties. Perfect moisturizer to add a little bit winter warmth to your hands.

Tea & Mint Hand Cream

This peppermint scented hand cream soothes skin irritations. Green Tea has anti – inflammatory properties which help to stimulate microcirculation and boost skin regeneration. This cream is enriched with organic Shea butter to help moisturise and protect the hands from external factors, such as wind and frost.

Salvia & Green Caviar Hand Cream

This cream is designed to care for dry and rough hands. The Salvia and Green Caviar Hand Cream has a fresh herbal scent. Infused with Sage extract which has antibacterial and anti – inflammatory properties. Plus green caviar provides the skin with valuable nutrients.

The packaging on these creams also make them the perfect little gifts for Family, Friends and Teachers. In delicate pastel pink squeeze tubes, each hand cream has there own adorable illustration. Making them uniquely creative and stylish.

Yope Hand Cream are €8.99 each. Check them out online Yope
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope this might have helped you to choose your signature scent handcream.

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