One Look through my instagram and you will see images of me smiling ear to ear. You might be surprised if I told you, my teeth are something I am very self cautions about. Looking back at school photos right up to my early 20s every photo of me smiling was always with my mouth closed to cover my teeth. It wasn’t till I got a little older and I perfected different ways to hide my not so perfect teeth. Taking my teeth whitening into own my own hands was one of them. I quickly learned even if my teeth were not the “All American dazzling nashers “I dreamed of , keeping them bright and white made them look that little bit better. I like my teeth whitening regime to be easy and effective, whilst also caring for the health of my teeth, mouth and gums.

Crest 3D Whitestrips
I heard such great reviews about these whitening strips I knew I needed to get my hands on them. Unfortunately these are not available in Ireland. I was lucky enough to get my hands a few boxes of them from Cananda. They are also available in America so if you have any friends or family visiting, get them to track them down! They are super easy to use, just stretch and apply a strip to the upper and lower teeth and leave them on for about 30 mins. I like to apply mine after the shower and pop them in while I am blow drying my hair. I feel they instantly brighten up my teeth. I use them roughly once a week or right before a big event.

On the downside when I first began using it, I found they made my teeth very sensitive, but it did seem to get better with time. If you had very sensitive teeth to begin with I would not recommend using these strips.

Whitening toothpaste
I like to include a whitening toothpaste into my at home teeth whitening regime. This Natural toothpaste Sensiblan from Delarom is a whitening toothpaste with extreme freshness. Through it’s formula enriched with natural ingredients, Sensiblan is a paraben-free toothpaste with unique properties. Building on the action of chlorhexidine, a powerful antibacterial agent, it helps fight the formation of plaque and bacterial growth while reducing gum sensitivity. Iris Florentina will help you restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, and essential mint oils will purify the mouth and maintain a fresh breath, with long lasting results.

Another favourite whitening toothpaste of mine is The Beverly Hills Formula Black pearl. Formulated to contain activated charcoal and professional whitening ingredients to lighten and brighten your smile. Black Pearl helps to fight bacteria causing bad breath and prevent plaque buildup while providing excellent stain removal properties. It’s important to me that it delivers results safely without damaging my enamel.

Sonic Chic Toothbrush
I like to have a good quality tooth brush on hand. At the moment I am loving the Sonic Chic range which have made a few appearances on my blog. This compact, battery powered toothbrush comes with a spare replacement brush head in addition to the head already on the toothbrush. It also features a hygienic cap and brushing speed of 22,000 strokes per minute! Although irrelevant to the products benefits the Urban style Collection is available in 12 stylish, colourful designs.

I hope you might have found some helpful tips to add to your own at home teeth whitening regime.

Heres to a great week. Thank you for reading.

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Sensiblan Toothpaste

Sonic Powered Tooth Brush

Beverly Hills Toothpaste ( As stated above I got my Crest whitening strips from Canada but I came across this online which might be of some help)

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