I shared a picture of me wearing these 24k Gold Crystal Collagen Under Eye Mask on snapchat and I was bombarded with questions. There is an undeny buzz around these unique Gold Under Eye mask with one question on everyone’s lips…
Do they actually work?

Personally one bad night’s sleep and you can see it straight away, in and around my eyes. My eyes become puffy, heavy and visible under eye bags will appear. I have been on the hunt for some time now to find a product that will help me to not only solve but to also tackle this issue. I was delighted to have got my little sleep deprived hands on these Gold Collagen enriched eye masks.

These eye masks are part of the 24K Gold Collagen range by a company called Jamela.

How do they work?

Jamela 24k Gold Under-Eye Masks are the ultimate luxurious treat for your skin. As you know the skin around your eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the skin on the face – with considerably less oil glands, resultingly, being the first area to become dehydrated.

Jamela under eye mask are infused with the most beautiful natural ingredients from Europe and Asia combining Eastern aesthetics with western technology to combat the problems of under eye puffiness, tired dehydrated eyes and dark circles. These eye masks are celebrities best kept secrets to keeping their eyes refreshed! Jamela Gold Crystal Collagen Under Eye – Masks are known as a “miracle eye treatment” in premier spas as they show immediate results after using the masks for just 30 minutes. These gold-colored, reusable patches actually contain gold ions.

Gold is said to support collagen levels and increase circulation.

How to use them

The under eye masks come individually wrapped in foil. You apply to the under eye area (thin end towards your nose.) They feel little bit slimy at first and you think they will slip off because they’re so moist, but they don’t! They stay put!

The idea is to leave them on for at least 30 minutes, mine lasted a good hour before they started to slide off. If you can take some time to relax and lie down they will stay on even longer. Eventually though, all the serum sinks into your skin and the patches lose their plumpness. This is when you know it’s time to peel them off.

Gold speeds up the cellular processes of the skin and regeneration is activated because of the increase in blood brought to the area.

The results

I can see immediate results and my under eye skin feels and looks refreshed and luminous. It’s hard to explain how the weight seems to just melt away from my eyes. They really do work. I think it’s a very clever and gentle way to force moisture onto the delicate eye area and soften fine lines. My skin is left noticeably softer and ‘refreshed’ looking, but more importantly, the area stays smooth for hours. It’s also worth noting that they stay pleasantly cool making whole experience extremely relaxing, soothing and feeling every inch of luxury.

The products are not tested on animals (hurrah!) and made without animal oils, alcohol or synthetic fragrances. The ingredients include: Mineral Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Collagen and Vitamin E.
Shop – Jamelaskincare / 24k Gold Series

I would love to hear your tips and tricks to reducing puffiness around your eyes?

Jade xox

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