The Lazy Girl’s Hair Saviour 

Wet brush pro

The Wet Brush Pro has been a pleasant welcome to my hair care. It detangles my hair effortlessly. With bonded hair extensions you need to be extra careful when brushing your hair that you don’t tug, pull or damage the bonds. I love that the Wet Brush Pro glides through my hair and detangles it smoothly.

I forgot how hard other bristles feel in comparison to the flexible, less firm brushes of the Wet Brush Pro. The Wet Brush Pro makes detangling a breeze. It has a rubber feel to the handle making it very comfortable to hold in my hand and to grip. This brush is also great if your mission is to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible. It keeps hair smooth and breakage to the minimum. The Wet Brush Pro is a conditioning brush featuring AguaVents, great for use in the shower also to comb through conditioner as it designed specifically for wet hair. My niece also loves this brush, so if you have any little kiddies that hate having their hair brushed this might help through some of those unwanted tangles.


Dr. PawPaw

7 in 1 hair treatment styler

This product really does it all. It is a multi – use haircare cream with natural fermented PawPaw. I love how quick, easy and effective it is. I simply spritz this onto my hair when it’s damp. This product is also a heat protector so I can go ahead and blow dry my hair straight away. I need to mention the scent as I have fallen in love. It is infused with Dr. PawPaw’s signature mango and coconut fragrance. It leaves my hair with a beautiful summer scent. I am super excited to bring this on my holidays with me next week and to bask in the summer aroma of coconut and mango. It will keep my hair protected from the sun, while going from the beach to the swimming pool.

Just style and go!

  • Heat protection

  • Reduces split ends

  • Detangler

  • Leave – in hair treatment

  • Reduces frizz and smoothes

  • Blow Dry styling aid

  • Adds shine

Shop Dr PawPaw 7 in 1 treatment

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