Welcoming Louie to my collection | Louis Vuitton 

I celebrated two personal milestones this August, my 28th birthday and my blog Bigbrowsmessyhair.com turning 2 years old. I was surprised with a luxurious Louis Vuitton bag that had been on my wishlist for some time now. I would definitely class myself as a handbag person. I can loose myself in any handbag section of any store at any given time. It’s everything – the different styles, the shapes, the colours.
I’ve had my heart set on a Louis Vuitton bag for some time now, but I was happy to simply admire from a distance. I’ve sat many hours in front of Youtube watching the history behind the iconic styles that is Louis Vuitton. I was intrigued about everything, from the LV canvas print pattern, to the importance of golden patina to the famous icons like Audrey Hepburn proudly swinging her arm candy, Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

Louis Vuitton is timeless!

I was beyond excited and emotional when I seen my Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano. It is a shoulder bag that sits just above my hip which features their iconic LV canvas print. The bottom is leather (which I am a little nervous about.) The cream leather peeks to each side of the canvas. It has a zip closure which opens to the main pocket. Inside features a small zip pocket and a mobile phone slot. The attention to detail is unwavering throughout the bag. Even the tiniest detail like the zips are engraved with the initials LV. The repetitive print canvas continues across the bag.

I have to admit to babying this bag a little at the moment and I don’t intend to stop. When I am not using it, it remains tucked away in it’s chic dust bag. I have even named it a very unoriginal name “Louie.” No matter what I am wearing this bag adds a touch a style to any outfit. Paired with a pretty dress for an evening look or paired with leggings, an oversized jumper and sunnies and it looks equally as chic.

Be prepared to see this bag splashed across my instagram!

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