By now we all know the importance of having a good skin routine. Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize has been my mantra for the past few years. But what if I told you I have introduced a new step into my skin care routine. A step in the direction for A daily boost to my skin.

Vichy have launched their biggest campaign yet Minèral 89. Straight away I was intrigued. The key ingredient in this product is basically water. In fact, the “89” in “Mineral 89” precisely stands for this. It claims to have 89% of what Vichy call “Mineralizing Thermal Water”, which is the thermal water the brand is known for with Hyaluronic acid. Which strengthens the skins function barriers and protects it from pollution.

Before even trying Mineral 89, I was really pleased by it’s luxurious packaging. The beauty booster is housed in a glass bottle that fits in the palm of my hand. It features an elegant blue-ombré design that instantly conjures up images of the fresh French thermal waters used in it’s formula. The packaging is simply beautiful and understated. It’s very minimalistic and looks extremely chic sitting on my bathroom shelf. I am every sales person’s dream. I am sold solely on packaging alone. So although irrelevant to the products benefits, it’s always a nice touch!

The Light and fast absorbing formula drenches my skin with freshness.

Step 0

Think of Minéral 89 as your step 0 in your skincare routine, used daily post cleansing. I like to apply 1-2 pumps to my face and lips followed by my favourite serums, moisturisers or SPF. The light and fast absorbing gel like formula drenches my skin with freshness before disappearing instantly. This sensorial blend has been created with a very pure formula, made of 11 ingredients only.

Just as I reach for a tall cold glass of water in the morning, I reach for Vichy Minéral 89 to quench my thirsty skin. I have been using this as part of my skin care routine for the past month now and I love how it awakens my skin leaving it feeling plumped and boosted. It feels extremely light on my skin and dries super quick, so I can carry on with my skin care regime and or makeup application as normal.

Unlike other Vichy products this has no fragrance or colourants so I reckon it can be used on the most sensitive skin. Vichy minéral 89 would complement any existing skincare routine. Since the product is suitable for all skin types, I’d recommend it for just about anyone. From a 20-something wanting to up their skin care routine to someone with more mature skin, looking to boost hydration and plumpness to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier.

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