Summer time puts your feet in the spotlight. The warmer weather lets us have some fun with our footwear- jazzing up our outfits with sandals, flipflops or even being that bohemian princess and going barefooted. Our feet can be neglected in the winter months so now it’s time to give your feet a little TLC and get your feet on fleek!

Get your feet in rehab with Ziaja must have fast feet fixers.

Ziaja foot care products contain an array of special ingredients formulated to effectively treat the skin on your feet. Ziaja’s moisturising cream transforms from dry, cracked and rough skin to smooth,soft and supple. I am a massive fan of Ziaja as they offer high quality creams at very affordable prices. This collection begins at €2.99 – €3.99.

Ziaja Skincare For feet

Ziaja’s moisturising foot cream 80ml €3.99

This therapeutic creamy balm melts into your skin while rejuvenating and repairing tired feet. It has a fresh scent of lavender with zesty undertones. There is no denying my love of at home pamper nights. Stepping out of a hot bubble bath or a steamy hot shower ready to begin my pampering ritual. This intensely non greasy moisturising foot cream is hydrating and prevents dry and hard skin. I love how it leaves my skin feeling smooth, super soft and feeling flexible. The non greasy formula means I can slather a thick layer under some cosy socks overnight for an intensive treatment.

Ziaja cracked skin foot cream 60 ml €3.99

If you suffer with cracked heels say goodbye overnight with this super – concentrated cream that contains a combination of powerful moisturising ingredients. This moisturiser has a fresh and citrus scent that is refreshing and calming. This moisturiser is Infused with active ingredients that replenish and moisturise deep below the surface of the sole, preventing cracks and promoting visibly softer skin. Infused with active ingredients of olive oil and sunflower oil.

Nourishing Foot cream 50ml €2.99

This tub of magic is enriched with olive oil and sunflower oil. This foot cream is luxurious and nourishing. This cream rehydrates cracked and broken skin and even gives your nails a hydrating boost. This thick cream leaves your feet softer, moisturised and fully pampered without any greasy after feel. Top tip -For optimum results soak and exfoliate your feet first then apply this nourishing cream to seal in moisture. This luxurious rich floral cream melts into your skin leaving you feeling fully pampered.

Whether you are kicking your shoes off to feel the sand between your toes or slipping your foot into a pretty sandal, you can do it with confidence. Letting your feet be in the spotlight.
Ziaja is available from pharmacies nationwide, Shaws department store and online – Original

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