Sculpt, Slim, Define and Contour | Cailyn Cosmetics

Cailyn have launched their sought after  O! Triple shading palette. This palette is a trio of colour featuring coordinated shades that sculpt, slim and define your features. This ultra fine highly pigmented powders are velvety smooth. The gradation of shades goes from light to dark, making  application fool proof and buildable.

Sculpt, slim and define your features.

Slimming Effect –  For a slimming effect I like to take the darkest shade and contour along the sides of my nose, beneath my jawline and  along the sides of my forehead. I then simply blend out for a seamless look.

Define Effect – For more defined cheekbones, I take the medium or dark shade ( depending on how sharp I want the contour) and  apply it to the hallows of my cheeks. I like to create the illusion of having natural chiseled features. I then blend outwards towards the ear.

Contour eyes?

I love neutral eyeshadows, so of course I was going to take these beautiful matte shades and apply them to my eyes. This is my go to eye makeup for an easy and quick eye look that will make my eyes pop! I  like to take the medium shade and blend it into the crease of my eye to add dimension. Using my crease brush I simply blend it out for a flawless finish.

I like to keep my makeup simple but look like i’ve spent the morning contouring to a inch of my life! This palette is stress free and straight to the point. I love how each of the shades have a deep matte finish.On days I like to keep my makeup quick and natural instead of contouring. I will simply swirl all three shades together, which creates a healthy beautiful pigmented glow to my skin.

Blending is my cardio.

Staying true to Cailyn Cosmetics design, it is packaged in a sleek black shiny case. This palette features it’s own square mirror with a magnetic closure. (It is quite a large mirror for It’s dimension.) I love that this contour palette is compact making it perfect for travelling, to pop into a clutch or to simple keep in your handbag for top ups without taking up too much room.

If you are looking for a nifty palette that is versatile and can be multipurpose then you will love Cailyn O! Triple shading palette.

Shop O! Triple Shading Palette

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